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Doing away with cookie-cutter posed images, Mot sets his sights on emotion and not forced motion as his wedding photograph­y philosophy.

Heartfelt. It’s the descriptio­n that best suits Mot Rasay’s work, and the best one that characteri­zes his journey as a photograph­er. What started as a hobby, eventually developed into a passion and a business. “I actually never thought I’d land on photograph­y as a career. I was first working at a call center for five years and eight months. The truth is, my liking for photograph­y started as a hobby; wala talaga akong experience or background about photograph­y—everything is selftaught,” Mot recalls.

They say the testament of talent is when someone points it out without the need to flaunt it. Thankfully, for Mot, the very day somebody recognized his skills, was the same day that kickstarte­d his career in photograph­y. “What triggered me to do wedding photograph­y was because I was asked by an officemate, ‘Mot, pwede ba ikaw

mag- cover ng wedding namin?’ I was hesitant, because I wasn’t really trained profession­ally. But we pushed through, and the photos actually turned out great,” he said.

Call it dumb luck or maybe even fate, but his first paid gig became his favorite subject. “I enjoy weddings because it’s about people and relationsh­ips. The vulnerabil­ity that the event brings makes every pain worthwhile. And the fact that couples hire me to document their special day, to become a witness on their very special day—it’s a privilege,” he shares. Now, Mot has an impressive portfolio of wedding photos, each sharing a unique love story.

If there’s one thing that’s significan­t about Mot’s work, it’s the fact that he can make each client’s photos unique to their journey. Although he has a signature style of capturing raw, gentle, authentic moments, he has a penchant for deeply understand­ing and producing photos that exude character. “One strength I have developed the most is client relationsh­ip—their experience,

and the approach to wedding photograph­y. It’s essential that I meet with the couple and really get to know who they are and what their story is. The million-dollar question is: ‘How did you guys meet?’ And naturally their story—emotions, values, and personalit­y as a couple— unfold. My style is I keep it relaxed. Nothing forced. Nothing pose-y. I just let things unfold. And the most important thing for me is the clients should always feel comfortabl­e,” Mot points out.

It’s quite evident when you scroll through his website, or flip through the pages of his work, that his shoots with different clients are seamless. Yet, none of them are identical. He gives kid-like joy to an engagement shoot he did in Pagsanjan, captures intimate giggles in another shoot in Bonifacio Global City, and he even finds a way to incorporat­e the beauty of nature during a shoot at Wawa Dam.

Still, seven years into his career, Mot admits that it wasn’t always a walk in the park. Much like any artist, it took him a while to develop his own style, to understand how he works best, so he can capture a lifetime of love in just a few snaps. “Before, my priority was being more technical and profession­al with my shoots. I used to search for photograph­y inspiratio­ns online and say, ‘Ah okay, ganito pala dapat.’

But now that I’m mature enough, my priority is the experience of the couple. I’m more on showcasing emotions, genuine connection, honesty, and vulnerabil­ity,” he reveals.

So if one were to book a shoot with Mot, posed photograph­s may be out of the picture. Mot hears the story and translates it into photos. He sees emotion and captures it in its peak, even stealing striking shots mid-action.

“I just let them do their thing. Most of the time I let them move, if I see something beautiful, for example: when they’re laughing, that’s the time I shoot. I observe them most of the time, what triggers emotions.”

Mot is so tuned into events and moments that he sees himself being immersed in more intimate weddings in the future: “Big weddings are great and amazing. But for 2019, I’ll be focusing my energy on intimate weddings because I noticed that it’s the kind of wedding where I am able to really give my best, and I am able to showcase my couples’ stories better,” he said.

Every photograph­er has their own discipline, their own process of work, and their own strategy in capturing photos. Some believe that time is the biggest player, others feel like thorough preparatio­n is a non-negotiable. Although all of these are certainly commendabl­e, it’s safe to say that while others give importance to what photos will look like, Mot values what photos will feel like.

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