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In today’s landscape, where brands aspire to produce fashion for every type of clientele using the best powerhouse cast Catherine Cavilte stands as one of the country’s most promis-ing bridal designers. Having been featured in various notable publicatio­ns as one of the “Women to Watch,” and clad in years of experience, Catherine has presented her designs on runways abroad and collaborat­ed with local retail giadnetss.igners introduce themselves to the world through the fashion they present, through the different points of view that each creation exudes. And while there is so much to be said about Catherine in this respect, she is, first and foremost, a fully realized fashion designer. She is a genuinely creative soul and someone whose work and personalit­y can only be described as inspired. Seeing her inspiratio­n to fruition has always been the core of everything she does. Catherine’s affinity for design stems from her adoration for clothes. She is at her best, her happiest, in the clothes she is wearing and creating, and finds peace in comfort in them—whether she makes them for herself or for any of her clients.

Catherine’s story is nothing short of amazing. From the very first blue terno blouse she created for herself, to designing for Georgina Wilson, it is a journey that has made a mark on her work today. In 2004, as a finalist in MEGA Young Design-er’s Competitio­n, her creative genius was put forth into the industry, and she has been making her mark in it sinkcenotw­henna.s a bridal couturier, Catherine’s aesthetic as a designer is a finely developed discipline, and her introducti­on of bold, young, and wearable couture has been a refreshing experience on the runways and aisles. A Catherine Cavilte creation is an organza and lace dream come to life. Each creation breathes an air of sophistica­tion and embraces the boldness and femininity of each bride. The degree of her design’s boldness matches that of her bride’s preference­s, all while exhibiting the distinct Catherine Cavilte flair and identity. By working closely with each bride, every design is closely attuned to the wearer, bringing out her innate beauty and coming alive with her personalit­y.

Still, with her fair share of ups and downs in the industry, Catherine emphasizes the value of attention to detail because each creation that walks down the runway or the aisle is an absolute representa­tion of her craft as a designer and her respect for each bride who has trusted her vision. Through all of this, she speaks about perseveran­ce amidst adversity and shares this piece of advice to every aspiring designer: “Don’t beat yourself up. You are a work in progress. Decide, focus, and wait. And, during the wait, be productive by seeking inspiratio­n and absorbing everything that the world, its people, and your environmen­t to propel you forward.”

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