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Like a loved one so eager to please, Bella Ibarra and Plaza Ibarra guarantee top-notch wedding services.


If love thrives on expression and nuances, how can we do so eloquently? How can we speak to the ones we love and make them listen, and how can we listen so they will talk?

The idea that each of us responds differentl­y to love gestures has been around for quite some time now. Some of us want to have quality time with our special ones while some of us want to receive gifts. Some of us want to hear affirmativ­e words while some of us want the warmth of physical touch. Some of us simply want their lover’s act of service or devotion. And the answer to how we can fully express and expand in love could be in taking a cue in all of these.

Because don’t you just love someone who can hear your silent wishes? Isn’t it amazing to be with someone who makes everything seem easy, simply because they are listening intently?

For almost two decades, Ibarra’s Party Venues and Catering has been a lover on its toes personifie­d. Quality time is creative event processes and kitchen tasks that could amount to hundreds of man-hours – from planning to execution. The love language of receiving gifts is in generous food servings and graceful setups. Affirmativ­e words are banquet sales associates attentivel­y answering your questions and taking notes of your needs. Physical touch is the waiter at your beck and call. Act of service is the chef, being masterful in his element.

Bent on moving with the times while being true to form, Ibarra’s understand­s that every bride and groom’s needs stay the same, but what they want evolves. Like how hashtags in wedding countdowns and ceremonies extend the joys of the celebratio­n to the digital world, Ibarra’s also goes beyond what you can touch and feel, making sure that each detail is every bit #instagramm­able.

Like twin sisters with different charms and characters, Plaza Ibarra and Bella Ibarra enchant soon-to-weds with irresistib­le appeal. Situated near the two major television networks, Plaza Ibarra is aptly dubbed as the “Venue of the Stars.” Guests can go al fresco at the garden area of Belladonna Function Room, or stay cozy or dance to their hearts’ content at the Margarit Function Room.

Bella Ibarra’s guests, on the other hand, can revel in the shabby chic splendour of the Victoria Function Room or the Sofia Function Room. A venue that is known for its flair for breathing life to countless themes, perfecting your wedding reception goals is a joyful task that the Bella Ibarra crew knows all too well.

This wealth of experience that defines the brand is felt in its three other venues with distinct vibes the pioneer Ibarra’s Garden in Padre Faura, the boutique hotel Villa Ibarra in Tagaytay, and the newest and grandest Casa Ibarra at the MOA Complex.

For an institutio­n that has witnessed countless occasions, Ibarra’s understand­s that big moments, like love expression­s, are also felt through nuances. It is in the silent spaces that the courtesy room provides. It is in the way the guests are welcomed. It is in the variation of colors, tastes, and lights.

After all, your “Big Day” is all about making each fleeting moment memorable. You look around and get a little teary-eyed seeing the people who made this day happen. You feel grateful and close your eyes as you hear the glasses clinking and people cheering.

These are the sounds and sights you would cherish forever. Long after the last guest has left. Long after the last piece of cutlery has been wiped clean.

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