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Christine Ong Te Events guarantees perfect event executions from beginning to end.


Sixteen years ago, it started with a love story that has not truly ended. The best laid plans are not written in the stars, and for Christine Ong Te, a former banker, these plans included sacrifices, sleepless nights, buckets of sweat and tears, and major life-altering decisions that shaped Christine Ong Te Events into what it is today.

Christine Ong Te Events is a team of young profession­als who hail from different walks of life with a common passion— planning, organizing, and coordinati­ng social and corporate events. The team, headed by Christine Ong Te, has worked with numerous event suppliers and venues within Metro Manila and provincial areas in Luzon and Visayas. The team is composed of full-time and part-time profession­als who are trained regularly by Christine herself, instilling in them a sense of optimism, commitment, leadership, and selfless service for the glory of God.

In the year 2013, Christine Ong Te Events tapped the internatio­nal arena by starting the Singapore Bridal Caravan which brought Filipino event suppliers and their world-class talent to the Singaporea­n-filipino community. It was a gamble of sorts, but the sacrifices paid off. Today, the Bridal Caravan has reached the attention of Filipino communitie­s and foreigners alike outside Singapore. In the next few years, the team has a vision to reach other continents, bringing Filipino potential and pride along with them. The world’s a stage, and the Christine Ong Te Events team aims to be a major key player.

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