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“Who would have thought you will be marrying the boy you met 17 years ago in high school?” I heard my cousin wonder aloud teasingly as I was preparing my wedding gown the night before the big day. I couldn’t help but recall how it all started. He was my high school crush before we had our on-and-off relationsh­ip. We were young and unsure and so scared to jump into anything that was more serious, until he proposed with her great grandmothe­r’s ring.

We had about 9 months to plan our wedding. It turned out to be a good 9 months of also getting to know each other again. It was fun and crazy at the same time. I was discoverin­g a lot of new things about the man I am about to marry. He is very meticulous in his choices and quite handson in whatever he does. He prefers grand and elegance, while I, on the other hand, am more inclined to take the simple and more minimalist­ic options. One point we came to agree on was the idea of having a more intimate celebratio­n for the wedding. With the help of our wedding planner, we took a good balance of our personal preference­s in color and style. So for our motiff – black, white, florals and a touch of the vintage to satisfy our old souls.

The preparatio­n for the wedding went well. The weather was cool and conducive in Tagaytay that morning. The Anya Resort, nestled amid lush topical greenery, offered a very stylish reception arrangemen­ts. Although there were some elements in the setup which were overlooked, we went on unmindful of the minor oversights and just loosen up and went for wholesome fun that night.

The atmosphere was casual and intimate. Nothing too stiff as everybody knew everyone. My husband co-hosted the program and even surprised me with a song number to everyone’s delight. He was terribly funny and hilarious with his antics. The band played like record artists and joined us not as entertaine­rs but as family. Their music was much appreciate­d and everyone stayed on until after party.

I miss that day so much that I feel like wanting to be married all over again. It was not as flawless as we wanted it to be but I guess no wedding is so perfect no matter how much preparatio­n one puts into it. What’s more important though is that, after all the fun and celebratio­n, Victor and I vowed to make our marriage as perfect as it was planned to be.

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