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Thick, full, and curled lashes — we all want that. But with tasks, routines, and everything in between, we can get very busy to even lift a lash curler or a tube of mascara. This is why Strokes has done it again — bringing innovative techniques and technologi­es within our reach.

Hold on to your lashes, gorgeous! Because K Lashes are here.


Eyelash extensions are all the rage now, and while most salons offer Japanese brands, Strokes brings to us K Lashes fresh and hot from Korea. The deviation doesn’t come as a surprise, given that Strokes is always after not what’s the latest rather what’s the best.

K Lashes are high-quality eyelash extensions and products made in and imported from Korea. Every pair of K Lashes guarantees anyone with durable, high-quality and, most importantl­y, natural-looking lashes. While most eyelash extensions use mink or synthetic hair, K Lashes float like a feather as they’re made with premium sable hair. This means wearing K Lashes allows you to enjoy all the gorgeousne­ss minus the weight.


The process of applying K Lashes was meticulous­ly taught by a Korean eyelash extension master and will be exclusivel­y offered at Strokes. For a little over an hour of your time, the process is pain-free and will be done

painstakin­gly by Strokes certified lash technician­s. You have the liberty to have the curls and structure customized to suit your preference­s. The result is so gorgeous, it’s simply worth your time!


What makes K Lashes amazing is how they simplify your routine by allowing you to enjoy beautiful lashes for up to 4 weeks. It’s beauty made easy and simple. Imagine waking up and not having to worry about lifting and curling those lashes. It’s a certified beauty on-the-go!

Aside from the gorgeous flutters, K Lashes are incredibly lightweigh­t. They feel like air, you won’t even be bothered that they’re there. What’s more, there are options to choose from. You can pick from either a classic style or among a variety of trendy styles to suit your taste.

You can forget about dreadful mascara smudges, flaking, and lash fallout. Using premium glue that won’t hurt or irritate the eyes, K Lashes perfectly stay in place even with a few rubs or showers. Knowing how we all can get swamped with our busy schedules, how can you resist this time-saving beauty technique?

So, whether you fancy your lashes to look fluffy, wispy, long, or simply classic, K Lashes are your holy grail to glam up your look instantly and easily. Experience this life-changing lash technique only at Strokes. It’s time to enjoy lashes made better, lighter, and prettier.

To experience the best brow and lash services, visit any of Strokes’ studios soon at Greenbelt 1, Ayala Malls Vertis North, Shangri-la Plaza, Uptown Mall BGC, and Molito Lifestyle Center Alabang.

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