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Whether she likes it of not, her fans have pegged Maine Men­doza as the new­est fash­ion and style icon.

A sin­gle In­sta­gram or Twit­ter selfie post by Maine, even if it’s not in­tended as an OOTD (oufit of the day) post, is re­posted hun­dreds of times— and is some­times ac­com­pa­nied by in­for­ma­tion on where and for how much she got her en­sem­ble, so that even Maine her­self is amazed at the re­search skills of some of her fans.

But the star is hes­i­tant about the fash­ion­ista tag. She loves dress­ing up but says she’s not that much into fash­ion to even be la­beled as a fash­ion­ista, much more a fash­ion icon.

Still, for some­one like her, who is scru­ti­nized for her words and ac­tions, be­ing scru­ti­nized for her clothes is just a piece of cake.

Here’s a peek into the not-so-fash­ion­ista world of Maine Men­doza.

Do you like buy­ing or at least check­ing things like Dolce and Gab­bana shirts that seem to be in these days? ’Yong mga gano’n kama­hal?

Maine: No! What the f! No… Dyusko na­man, magkano ’yong gano’n? Thirty thou­sand? Bakit? Nang­gigigil ako sa ganyang topic, e.

So, ano ’yong big­gest splurge mo sa fash­ion?

Maine: Bags po. Bags and shoes. Ac­tu­ally, bags, kasi mura lang ang shoes.

Do you con­sider bags as in­vest­ment?

Maine: Hindi. Kasi ma-aano din ’yon, mawawala rin sa trend ’yong mga gano’n.

Ano’ng most ex­pen­sive bag na nabili mo?

Maine: Ce­line.

Anong fash­ion trend ’yong gusto mong bu­ma­lik?

Maine: Bum­a­ba­lik na­man na po siya ngayon, ’yong ’90s, ’yong mga high-waist pants… Yes, crop tops, big heads, big hairs… Spray net, bob cuts, bangs…

What’s the one thing every woman should have in her closet?

Maine: Lit­tle black dress for every event.

How up­dated are you sa fash­ion?

Maine: Hindi po ako up­dated.

So you just wear what you want?

Maine: I wear what I want, I buy what I want. Pero sa trends po, hindi.

Pero aware ka ba na ngayon kino-con­sider ka na ng mga fans mo na isa sa mga fash­ion icons or trend­set­ters?

Maine: Paano? Haha! Umm, aware na­man po… aware pero hindi ko in­aac­knowl­edge. Pero aware na­man, lalo na no’ng mga Yaya Dub days, ’yong mga si­nusuot ko do’n? Si­nusun­dan na nila ’yong mga si­nusuot mo, pino-post nila, in­aalam ang mga presyo… Maine: From head to toe nga po, e, as in. Gal­ing! Hindi ko alam pa’no nila na­ga­gawa ’yon.

Kaya nga, ayun, isa ka nang fash­ion god­dess.

Maine: Yuck! Nakakai­nis ’yong god­dess. Nakakadiri, kadiri, nakakadiri!

Sig­na­ture ac­ces­sory mo?

Maine: Watch po.

Na ma­hal?

Maine: Depende po. Kung nasa barangay min­san, wala. Dati, meron akong

charm bracelet, hindi ko hin­uhubad. Af­ter no’ng nagte-tap­ing kami, nagsho-shoot ng movie, di ko na siya nakita. Ha­hanapin ko.

When shop­ping, you’re drawn ini­tially to what?

Maine: Shoes po.

Most fash­ion­able celebrity for you, male and fe­male?

Maine: Ac­tu­ally, wala. Kasi hindi po ta­laga ako up­dated sa lat­est trends ngayon, e, so di ko alam.

Hindi ka ma-ano, ma-Gigi Ha­did or Kylie Jen­ner?

Maine: Hindi po, wala po. Magsi-stick na lang po ako kay Se­lena Gomez, since mas nakikita ko ’yong mga si­nusuot niya daily bi­lang sa In­sta­gram, mga pa­parazzi. Siya lang, siya lang po ’yong naaano ko, e.

De­scribe your per­sonal style.

Maine: Ay, ca­sual— ca­sual and cute [laughs] pero com­fort­able. Ewan ko, parang com­fort­able din pagka nagpo-for­mal… Pero kung ’yong ano, on a daily ba­sis, lalo na sa barangay, very ca­sual lang. Min­san naka-tokong lang ako na pam­ba­hay lang. ’Yong Maine na nasa barangay, ako po ta­laga ’yon.

Pero nae-ex­cite ka din if you need to dress up? Like, if you’re go­ing to a big event?

Maine: Yes po. Pagka gano’n, nag-e-ef­fort din ako na i-plan ’yong out­fit ko from head to toe.

If meron kang stylist, naa-as­sert mo pa din ba ’yong gusto mo?

Maine: Ac­tu­ally, hindi na po. Basta si­nasabi ko na lang sa kanila, basta kom­portable. May mga choices, ’ta’s pip­ili ako. Kung kom­portable, go. Kung hindi, palit. Di na­man po ako su­per picky when it comes to cloth­ing, e.

When it comes to shoes, do you just trust your stylist?

Maine: Yes po.

Meron ka bang fa­vorite fash­ion movies? Maine:

Ano, Devil Wears Prada. ’Yon pa lang ’yong na­panood ko, e.

Fa­vorite in­ter­na­tional brands?

Maine: Wala na­man po in par­tic­u­lar… Be­fore po, Gucci. Kaso ngayon… so­bra na, e. Wala na­man po, none in par­tic­u­lar na­man po.

Fash­ion in­flu­ences: meron ka ba?

Maine: Wala rin… Hindi ako fash­ion-for­ward na tao, e.

Pero ano ’yong mga no-fail out­fit mo pag may kailan­gan kang pun­ta­han bigla, ’tapos you re­ally have to put to­gether an out­fit?

Maine: Madalas po kasi, ka­pag may gagawin ako, parang jeans lang and plain white shirt. ’Tapos, sa shoes na lang, if for­mal I wear heels, pag hindi I wear sneakers. Kasi madadala rin po ’yon, e— jeans, white V-neck shirt, ’ta’s heels. Gan­dang laid-back look lang. Haha!

Kani­nong closet ang gusto mong i-raid?

Maine: Kay Se­lena Gomez ulit. [Laughs.] A, saka sa Kar­dashi­ans. Sa Kar­dashi­ans po.

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