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Life is a beau­ti­ful messed-up mys­tery

Yeah, it’s true

It can make you laugh, it can cut you deep

Some­times you’re gonna feel like a mil­lion bucks

Some­times a burned­out cig­a­rette

But what­ever comes your way, no mat­ter what

Don’t you ever for­get


The stars ain’t got noth­ing on you

Your heart burns much brighter than the moon

If you ever feel lost or bro­ken inside

Just re­mem­ber the way you helped me shine

The stars ain’t got noth­ing on you

Your eyes got a fire that can burn the cold away

And your smile could turn the dark­est night into a sum­mer day

Some­times you’re gonna feel like you just can’t lose

Some­times you’re reach­ing for the re­set

But what­ever comes your way

No mat­ter what you’re go­ing through

Don’t you ever for­get


You’re a sun­set hang­ing off a pur­ple sky

You’re the per­fect melody to a lul­laby

So when life gets too much

Take a deep breath

And don’t you ever for­get


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