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On the topic of par­ent­ing, Aga and Char­lene would rather have their chil­dren say who’s strict and who’s not. “Kasi, baka mali ako,” he said. His wife con­curred: “Oo, ako din.” Atasha then spoke up. “I couldn’t say who’s strict—not now,” she said, grin­ning. “But when we were, like, eight to ten—yeah, around that age—it was the strictest time. He al­ready knows. It would have to be our dad. It’s a good thing, though.”

Aga and Char­lene ad­mit­ted to be­ing strict about own­ing gad­gets, which is why they gave their chil­dren their first cell­phones only in 2017. But now, when it comes to In­ter­net use, they trust the twins enough not to mon­i­tor the web­sites An­dres and Atasha visit. They are cool about their teenagers ex­plor­ing and learn­ing about life in gen­eral.

Aga gave this ex­am­ple: “When they were young, we watched films, min­san mga se­ri­ous films. Merong nagme-makelove sa scene, they were there. Hindi namin bini­gyan ng mal­ice ’yon, kaya sa kanila, that’s nor­mal. So when they ask, I just ex­plain that this is a film—they act, they shoot it, things like that. Hindi ’yong ‘Oh, close your eyes!’ Nagkaka­roon ng parang ‘Why?’ You just let them na lang.”

Char­lene in­ter­jected: “And their dad is also an ac­tor, so they know that it’s work.”

Aga ad­dressed the twins: “I never stopped you guys from sa In­ter­net na­man, e.”

Atasha nod­ded. “Yeah, he never did. Hon­estly, they did a good job. Like, if I will have my own kids, I wanna raise them the way they raised us.”

And what was the par­ents’ take on the sub­ject of love and re­la­tion­ships con­cern­ing their chil­dren?

“I’m not scared of that,” Aga said. “It’s re­ally up to them. I’ve ex­plained to them the pros and cons. There’s noth­ing wrong if you like some­one, you have a crush, ganyan­ganyan. But to get into a re­la­tion­ship, it’s re­ally your call.”

Char­lene cut in, laugh­ing: “Si Aga ’yon. Ako, hindi pre­pared… No, I’m just jok­ing.”

Does An­dres have a girl­friend? Does Atasha have a boyfriend?

Aga’s quick re­ply to both ques­tions: “Wala, wala.”

Char­lene added, laugh­ing: “Sig­uro they’re not telling us.”

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