Kueez Craze

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If you were ac­tive on Face­book last Fe­bru­ary, the odds are that you vis­ited Kueez, a web­site that uses your Face­book pro­file to gen­er­ate an­swers to fun ques­tions.

In one such ques­tion, “What Would you Look Like as a Mem­ber of the Op­po­site Gen­der?,” the site used an al­go­rithm to give users’ pro­file pic­tures more masculine or fem­i­nine fea­tures—giv­ing the users a glimpse of their hy­po­thet­i­cal op­po­site-gen­der twins. Lo­cal celebri­ties joined in on the craze, too.

The re­sults? Check out th­ese photos!

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