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Bring some wa­ter to a boil with the onion (stud­ded with cloves), bay leaf, gar­lic, rose and black pep­per­corns and a driz­zle of olive oil. When it is boil­ing, sub­merge the oc­to­pus 3 times and then leave it in the wa­ter to cook (15 min­utes per kilo) and add a tea­spoon of sodium bi­car­bon­ate. When cooked, re­move it from the wa­ter and let it cool. Cut the whole ten­ta­cles, sear them on a siz­zler hot­plate and put them in the oven with the glass­wort. For the maize meal, wash the clams well and heat them with gar­lic, a driz­zle of olive oil and white wine un­til they open. Dust with chopped cilantro and keep aside. Use the clam juice, bring it to a boil and add the maize meal (add wa­ter if nec­es­sary). Re­move from the heat, check the sea­son­ing and add some clam flesh. For the sweet-po­tato crisps, slice finely and fry at 160oc. Drain on a pa­per towel. For the red pep­per sauce, grill the red pep­pers and re­move the seeds. Grind the de­seeded red pep­pers with a driz­zle of olive oil and pen­ny­royal. Pass the paste through a fine sieve to ob­tain a creamy sauce with no lumps.


Spoon some pep­per sauce on the plate, top it with the maize meal, glass­wort and oc­to­pus ten­ta­cles and gar­nish with the sweet-po­tato crisps.

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