Tour­na­ment of the Winners Cen­ter Cir­cuit 2018


The Tour­na­ment of Winners of the Cen­ter Cir­cuit 2018, took place in the mid­dle of July at the course of the Be­las Clube de Campo, with the par­tic­i­pa­tion of the winners of the var­i­ous events of Cen­ter Cir­cuit 2018, held to date. The con­se­cra­tion tour­na­ment was won in Gross by José Cân­dido Oliveira with 39 points, fol­lowed by Pe­dro Franco with 29 and Jo­han Ni­jmei­jer with 25 points. In Net Rui Pe­drosa Fon­seca won with 39 points, fol­lowed by José Simões Mor­eira with 38 and Jo­han Ni­jmei­jer with 37 points. Among the Ladies, the win­ner was Jo­hanna Ni­jmei­jer, fol­lowed by Ade­laide Bitti and Cristina Nogueira, all with 27 points. In the cat­e­gory of Se­nior Masters the vic­tory went to Rui Pe­drosa Fon­seca with 39 points, fol­lowed by Jose Je­sus Jac­into with 37 and An­tónio Re­belo with 33 points. O Torneio dos Vence­dores do Cir­cuito Cen­tro 2018, teve lu­gar a meio de Julho no per­curso do Be­las Clube de Campo, com a par­tic­i­pação dos vence­dores das di­ver­sas provas do Cir­cuito Cen­tro 2018, re­al­izadas até esta data. O torneio de con­sagração, teve como vence­dor Gross José Cân­dido Oliveira com 39 pon­tos, seguido de Pe­dro Franco com 29 e de Jo­han Ni­jmei­jer com 25 pon­tos. Em Net gan­hou Rui Pe­drosa Fon­seca com 39 pon­tos, seguido de José Simões Mor­eira com 38 e de Jo­han Ni­jmei­jer com 37 pon­tos. En­tre as Sen­ho­ras, a vence­dora foi Jo­hanna Ni­jmei­jer, seguida de Ade­laide Bitti e de Cristina Nogueira, to­das com 27 pon­tos. Na cat­e­go­ria de Masters Se­niores a vitória foi para Rui Pe­drosa Fon­seca com 39 pon­tos, seguido de José Je­sus Jac­into com 37 e de An­tónio Re­belo com 33 pon­tos.

An­tónio Villa Fre­itas, An­tónio Basílio, Gregório Cabo and An­tónio Re­belo

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