The 5th Cen­ter Cir­cuit Tour­na­ment was held on July 25th and 26th at Penha Longa, with the par­tic­i­pa­tion of 130 play­ers. The tour­na­ment counted for the re­spec­tive rank­ing, as well as for the 1st Stage of the Qual­i­fi­ca­tion for the se­lec­tions that will dis­pute the Cham­pi­onships of Europe in 2019. In Gross, Mar­inho Sousa Cruz won the tour­na­ment with 29 points, leav­ing José Rações in sec­ond place with 28 points. Hugo Bitti with 44 Net points, was the big win­ner of this cat­e­gory, fol­lowed by Rui Pe­drosa Fon­seca with 39 points. In Ladies, the win­ner was Celia Mitschler with 36 points, com­ing in sec­ond place, with 34 points, was Car­men To­maz. Rui Pe­drosa Fon­seca, was the win­ner in Masters Se­niors, with 39 points, the same score reached by the sec­ond clas­si­fied José Luis Costa San­tos.

O5º Torneio do Cir­cuito Cen­tro, re­al­i­zou-se nos pas­sa­dos dia 25 e 26 de Julho, na Penha Longa, com a par­tic­i­pação de 130 jo­gadores. O torneio con­tou para o re­spetivo Rank­ing, bem como para a 1ª Fase do Apu­ra­mento para as se­leções que dis­putarão os Cam­pe­onatos da Europa em 2019. Em Gross, Mar­inho Sousa Cruz im­pôs-se aos restantes par­tic­i­pantes no torneio com 29 pon­tos, fi­cando José Rações em se­gundo lu­gar com 28 pon­tos. Hugo Bitti com 44 pon­tos Net, foi o grande vence­dor desta cat­e­go­ria, seguido de Rui Pe­drosa Fon­seca com 39 pon­tos. Em Sen­ho­ras, a vence­dora foi Célia Mitschler com 36 pon­tos, fi­cando em se­gundo lu­gar, com 34 pon­tos, Car­men To­maz. Rui Pe­drosa Fon­seca, foi o vence­dor em Masters Se­niores, com 39 pon­tos, os mes­mos al­cança­dos pelo se­gundo clas­si­fi­cado José Luís Costa San­tos.

Par­tic­i­pants of the 5th Cir­cuit Tour­na­ment Cen­ter

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