‪A Reputed Company in Doha Seeking‬ ‪the following Positions :-‬

Al-Sharq Waseet - - مرسانا للعقارات ٣٣٣٤٠٨٦٨ -

‪- Excellent customer service and communication skills, both‬

‪verbal and written‬ ‪- Aptitude for negotiation and persuasion‬ ‪- Highly motivated, determined, and target driven‬

‪- Proven track record in the sales environment‬ ‪- Ability to meet and exceed monthly sales quota‬ ‪- Ability to create and deliver client presentations‬ ‪- Expert in time management and personal organization‬

‪- Familiarity with IOL’s and Ophthalmic equipment‬

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