Def­i­ni­tions of key terms used in tech­ni­cal anal­y­sis

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Can­dle­stick chart – A can­dle­stick chart is a price chart that dis­plays the high, low, open, and close for a se­cu­rity. The ‘body’ of the chart is por­tion be­tween the open and close price, while the high and low in­tra­day move­ments form the ‘shadow’. The can­dle­stick may rep­re­sent any time frame. We use a one- day can­dle­stick chart (ev­ery can­dle­stick rep­re­sents one trad­ing day) in our anal­y­sis.

Doji can­dle­stick pat­tern – A Doji can­dle­stick is formed when a se­cu­rity’s open and close are prac­ti­cally equal. The pat­tern in­di­cates in­de­ci­sive­ness, and based on pre­ced­ing price ac­tions and fu­ture con­fir­ma­tion, may in­di­cate a bullish or bear­ish trend re­ver­sal.

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