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Qatar’s CPI for April 2021 rises 0.06% m-o-m: PSA data


Qatar’s consumer price index (CPI) for April 2021 increased by 0.06% month-on-month (m-o-m) to reach 97.24 points, while on a year-on-year basis, an increase of 1.02% was recorded in the general index (CPI) compared to April 2020, data from the Planning and Statistics Authority (PSA) showed.

A m-o-m analysis of CPI for April 2021 showed an increase in indices of five main groups: recreation and culture (1.56%), miscellane­ous goods and services (1.35%), transport (0.96%), furniture and household equipment (0.24%), and education (0.05%).

A decrease was recorded in food and beverages by 1.19%.

This was followed by clothing and footwear (0.97%); housing, water, electricit­y and other fuel (0.52%); restaurant­s and hotels (0.13%); and communicat­ion (0.10%). Tobacco and health remained flat at the last month’s price level.

A comparison of April 2021 CPI with April 2020 (annual change) showed an increase in the general index (CPI) by 1.02%.

This y-o-y price increase was due to rising prices in six groups: transport (13.40%), restaurant­s and hotels (6.55%), communicat­ion (4.03%), education (3.79%), miscellane­ous goods and services (3.57%), and furniture and household equipment (3.29%).

A decrease in price levels was recorded in recreation and culture (7.83%); housing, water, electricit­y and other fuel (5.81%); clothing and footwear (5.75%); food and beverages (0.40%) and health (0.07%). No changes were recorded on tobacco.

The CPI of April 2021, excluding the housing, water, electricit­y and other fuel group stands at 99.65 points, recorded an increase of 0.20% compared to the index of March 2021, and a 2.80% increase when compared to the CPI of April 2020.

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