Sidra Medicine pathol­o­gist wins top prize for pa­per on pae­di­atric kid­ney can­cer

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Sidra Medicine has an­nounced that Dr Wil­liam Mif­sud, from the depart­ment of pathol­ogy, was re­cently pre­sented with the Mar­ian Malone Prize at the 64th An­nual Meet­ing of the Pe­di­atric Pathol­ogy So­ci­ety in Paris, France.

Dr Mif­sud was awarded the prize for his pa­per about the evo­lu­tion of Wilms tu­mours, the most com­mon type of kid­ney can­cer in chil­dren. His pa­per de­fined the evo­lu­tion­ary pat­terns un­der­ly­ing Wilms tu­mour growth and showed that re­lapse in high-risk cases may be pre­dicted by the bur­den of ge­netic changes across mul­ti­ple sam­ples from each tu­mour.

Dr Mif­sud joined Sidra Medicine as a ju­nior at­tend­ing physi­cian in pae­di­atric pathol­ogy, from Birm­ing­ham Chil­dren’s Hos­pi­tal in April 2018, af­ter train­ing at Great Or­mond Street Hos­pi­tal in Lon­don. His re­search was car­ried out in part­ner­ship with re­searchers from the Fran­cis Crick In­sti­tute and from the UCL Great Or­mond Street In­sti­tute of Child Health, both in Lon­don.

Dr Mif­sud’s pa­per high­lights that a sub­set of Wilms tu­mour pa­tients who re­lapse can be pre­dicted by study­ing ge­nomic events across mul­ti­ple tu­mour sam­ples. His pa­per should lead to a bet­ter pre­dic­tion of Wilms tu­mour re­lapse in chil­dren, Sidra Medicine has said in a state­ment.

Com­ment­ing on his re­search, Dr Mif­sud said: “The chance of re­lapse in a high-risk Wilms tu­mour is 50%, with lim­ited pos­si­bil­i­ties of be­ing able to bet­ter pre­dict or rule out re­lapses in in­di­vid­ual cases be­fore our work. By mul­ti­sam­pling Wilms’ and pos­si­bly other pae­di­atric can­cers, we can ob­tain a more sen­si­tive over­view of the de­gree of ge­nomic in­sta­bil­ity across an in­di­vid­ual can­cer.

“This can re­fine our pre­dic­tion of ag­gres­sive be­hav­iour in the can­cer and, there­fore, help tai­lor the treat­ment for each case. This is par­tic­u­larly crit­i­cal in the treat­ment of chil­dren, as over or un­der treat­ment is a po­ten­tial longterm prob­lem in pae­di­atric can­cers.”

Dr Mif­sud is con­sid­er­ing ex­tend­ing the se­cond part of his study in Qatar, to fo­cus on all pae­di­atric solid tu­mours, es­pe­cially those in­volv­ing cases seen at Sidra Medicine.

Dr Rusung Tan, chair of the depart­ment of pathol­ogy at Sidra Medicine, added: “We are pleased to have Dr Mif­sud join our world-class team of pae­di­atric pathol­o­gists. Recog­ni­tion for this ground-break­ing study is also re­flec­tive of the type of highly spe­cialised teams we have at Sidra Medicine. Our com­bined ef­forts to de­velop the best pos­si­ble pae­di­atric di­ag­nos­tic ser­vice will have a key im­pact on the health­care out­comes for not only Qatar’s but also the re­gion’s chil­dren and young peo­ple.”

The Mar­ian Malone Prize is named af­ter Dr Mar­ian Malone, who was renowned for her sig­nif­i­cant con­tri­bu­tion to the di­ag­no­sis of child­hood dis­eases and the ed­u­ca­tion of pae­di­atric pathol­o­gists.

Dr Wil­liam Mif­sud

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