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In­tro­duc­ing at least one green smoothie to your day can to­tally trans­form your health. Read on and find out how

The ben­e­fits of green smooth­ies can’t be brushed un­der the car­pet any­more. It’s time for the world to wake up and take no­tice.

In­tro­duc­ing at least one green smoothie to your day can to­tally trans­form your health. Most peo­ple don’t get enough leafy greens, and drink­ing a green smoothie is a great way to get your greens without hav­ing to taste or chew them. As part of a healthy bal­anced diet you could get the fol­low­ing health ben­e­fits of green smooth­ies:

Sig­nif­i­cantly in­crease your con­sump­tion of raw veg­eta­bles and fruits

I don’t know about you but most peo­ple rarely con­sume enough veg­eta­bles. With drink­ing a green smoothie ev­ery day you con­sume 1-2 cups of leafy green veg­eta­bles and at least 2 cups of fruit. That brings you close to get­ting in 3-4 serv­ings of fruits of veg­eta­bles be­fore 10am.

Also, drink­ing green smooth­ies makes it very easy to get fruits and veg­eta­bles in without a lot of fuss­ing around with a recipe. No need to cook, bake, or sauté. All you need to do is throw ev­ery­thing into a blender, add liq­uid, and in 2 min­utes you have your smoothie ready to drink.

keep you hy­drated, en­er­gized, and alert

Most of the time the only symp­tom peo­ple think of when they are dehydrated is be­ing thirsty. How­ever, other symp­toms in­clude feel­ing tired, slug­gish, get­ting headaches, los­ing fo­cus, and some­times feel­ing hun­gry when you’re not.

Your phys­i­cal and men­tal well-be­ing is very con­nected to your hy­dra­tion. Af­ter a few days of con­sis­tently con­sum­ing green smooth­ies, you will have so much more en­ergy and clar­ity.

Life is al­ways go­ing to be busy. With kids, hus­band, a full­time job, and a busi­ness, that is just the way life is. Drink­ing green smooth­ies will be­come es­sen­tial in giv­ing you the en­ergy and stamina you need to get through your days.

In­crease your daily nutri­tion

One green smoothie made with fruits, veg­eta­bles, and other power foods are packed with nutri­tion. Some­times more nutri­tion than you would get all day eat­ing 1500 – 2000 calo­ries. And be­cause a green smoothie is blended it is easy to add in power foods or ad­di­tional in­gre­di­ents without a lot of ef­fort, mak­ing it a great way to in­crease your daily nutri­tion. For ex­am­ple, if you want to get more omega-3 fatty acids in your diet, you can throw in some chia or flax seeds. Want to ex­pe­ri­ence the ben­e­fits of co­conut oil? Add a ta­ble­spoon to your smoothie. You won’t even know it is there. Need more pro­tein? Add in some peanut but­ter or greek yo­gurt. The pos­si­bil­i­ties are end­less when mak­ing smooth­ies.

Also, one smoothie – de­pend­ing on what you add – is only about 200 – 300 calo­ries per serv­ing. This means you are get­ting a lot of nutri­tion for very lit­tle calo­ries. When your body is nour­ished, you will nat­u­rally feel more sat­is­fied and healthy. So if you are strug­gling with bal­anc­ing and/or in­creas­ing your nutri­tion, then green smooth­ies will do the trick.

nat­u­rally cleans­ing and detox­i­fy­ing

Drink­ing green smooth­ies on a reg­u­lar ba­sis pro­vides all the nu­tri­ents your body needs to nat­u­rally cleanse and de­tox­ify.

A ben­e­fit that you will ex­pe­ri­ence from the cleans­ing and detox­i­fy­ing ef­fects of green smooth­ies is clearer skin. When drink­ing green smooth­ies on a reg­u­lar ba­sis, your skin will be much more clearer and even de­velop a nice glow. Beauty starts on the in­side and green smooth­ies def­i­nitely help with that.

Sim­ple to make and por­ta­ble

Eat­ing health­ier foods is al­ways eas­ier when they are sim­ple to make and por­ta­ble – es­pe­cially for a busy work­ing per­son. It takes you about 5 min­utes to throw in­gre­di­ents into a blender, blend, then trans­fer to a ma­son jar and bring with you.

Q: What leafy greens to use?

Leafy greens is what makes a green smoothie green. So, leafy greens are kind of an es­sen­tial green smoothie in­gre­di­ent. I use ei­ther kale or spinach in all of my green smoothie recipes. Mostly, be­cause the taste is mild and I can pur­chase huge bags of them. How­ever, you can use all dif­fer­ent kinds of leafy greens in your green smoothie such as mus­tard greens, col­lard greens, turnip greens, swiss chard, dan­de­lion greens, pars­ley, ro­maine, and other let­tuces.

Q: Do green smooth­ies taste gross?

Not at all! In fact, if it didn’t turn a green colour you prob­a­bly would not even know there was kale or spinach in there. This may be dif­fer­ent with a stronger green but with my smooth­ies all I can taste is fruit. If you are just start­ing out with greens smooth­ies then I recommend us­ing a smaller amount of greens at first. Once you get used to it then add more. If it is too strong then next time add less.

Q: What kind of fruits should I use?

You can use any type of fruit in a green smoothie. Fruits like berries, pineap­ple, mango, and peaches will give a more smooth thicker con­sis­tency. Fruits like or­anges, nec­tarines, grapes, and kiwi will be a bit more fi­brous. You can still use these fruits but use them as an added fruit and not the main fruit.

Q: What kind of liq­uid should I use?

My favourite smoothie liq­uid to use is unsweet­ened co­conut milk. I love the thick­ness and rich­ness it brings to my green smoothie. It also has good fat in it, which helps to keep me full and sat­is­fied longer. I have also used unsweet­ened al­mond milk. You can also use co­conut wa­ter, rice milk, soy milk, or just plain wa­ter. Re­ally any liq­uid would be fine. How­ever, I would not use dairy milk be­cause this in­hibits the cleans­ing and de­tox­ify ben­e­fits of a green smoothie.

Q: Should I use a sweet­ener?

The only sweet­ener I use in my green smooth­ies is the nat­u­ral sweet­ness from the ba­nana and maybe 1 or 2 tea­spoons of pure maple syrup. I never ever add re­fined sugar to my green smooth­ies.

The amount of sweet­ness you need will de­pend on your per­sonal taste along with the type of in­gre­di­ents you are us­ing.

Q: Should I use ice?

Per­son­ally I do not use ice be­cause I al­ways use frozen fruits. If you are us­ing fresh fruits then you will prob­a­bly need to use ice to get the con­sis­tency you want and for the smoothie to be cold. Some peo­ple don’t mind us­ing ice but I find that adding ice causes the smoothie to be a bit wa­tered down so I pre­fer to just use frozen fruits.

SOn­DRA HOPEis a Qatar-based in­ter­na­tional cer­ti­fied fit­ness and health coach, spe­cial­is­ing in per­sonal, sports and child nutri­tion. She is the founder of HopeFit, which spe­cialises in on­line and per­sonal train­ing and nutri­tion coach­ing. In her spare time, she also does mo­ti­va­tional speak­ing, spends time with her other pas­sion, Pixal8 Pho­tog­ra­phy, as a pro­fes­sional pho­tog­ra­pher, and dab­bles in paint­ing and fine art.

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