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Saf­fron has been used ex­ten­sively in many dishes in the Arab cook­ing to add colour to savour.

The Ara­bic word Za­faraan has an interesting his­tory, traces back over 4000 years and tra­verses many civ­i­liza­tions, coun­tries, and cul­tures. It be­gan be­ing used in the Mid­dle East as a food sea­son­ing, per­fume, hair and clothes dye and as a Medic­i­nal Herb. Through his­toric con­text saf­fron has its ori­gin in the Zar­gos Moun­tain range in Iran, where it is said that around 1kg of saf­fron was used in the Royal kitchen ev­ery day (is it?). The mag­i­cal herb or the golden crop has oc­cu­pied a spe­cial place in the cul­ture and tra­di­tion of Ara­bian Penin­sula.

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