Open let­ter to Ru­dol­ph W. Gi­u­liani

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De­ar Mis­ter Ru­dol­ph W. Gi­u­liani,

I am a Ro­ma­nian jo­ur­na­list, and I am wri­ting to you sin­ce my co­un­try can’t an­swer yo­ur let­ter (I ho­pe, ne­ver­the­less, that ot­her fel­low ci­ti­zens will fol­low this le­ad). It is im­pos­si­ble for my com­pa­tri­ots to re­a­ch you, as long as Ro­ma­nia has be­en di­vi­ded in­to two fac­ti­ons, ea­ch of them blin­ded by the wish to over­co­me the ot­her, and to main­tain con­trol among Ro­ma­nian sta­te in­sti­tu­ti­ons.

In the ti­me fol­lo­wing yo­ur let­ter, the Ro­ma­nian Ambas­sa­dor in Was­hin­gton, one of the aut­hors of an un­for­tu­na­te me­cha­nism of com­mand over the jus­ti­ce sys­tem and so­ci­e­ty in ge­ne­ral, tri­ed to di­mi­nish the im­pact of yo­ur let­ter. The­re­fo­re, I fe­el obli­ged to join in yo­ur foot­steps. The Ambas­sa­dor, the Ro­ma­nian Pre­si­dent and his pre­de­ces­sor are ve­ry ple­a­sed with the di­sas­ter bro­u­ght abo­ut by the se­cret pro­to­cols you ha­ve men­ti­o­ned, their ne­fa­ri­o­us ef­fi­ci­en­cy over po­li­ti­cal ene­mi­es and with the le­vel of con­trol they pro­vi­de over the jus­ti­ce sys­tem, the eco­no­my and the ci­vil so­ci­e­ty.

Mis­ter Ru­dol­ph Gi­u­liani, so­me po­li­ti­cians and agen­ts ha­ve ho­ned and per­fec­ted te­chni­ques em­ployed by the ex-com­mu­nist se­cret ser­vi­ces, using them to bring abo­ut a sys­tem that da­ma­ges mo­re than just the jus­ti­ce sys­tem and the ru­le of law in Ro­ma­nia.

This to­ta­li­ta­rian men­ta­li­ty has spre­ad across all eco­no­mic sec­tors, im­pe­ding the co­un­try’s de­ve­lop­ment, in­fluen­cing the po­li­ti­cal are­na, in mass-me­dia and NGOS. The sys­tem whi­ch you ad­dress in yo­ur let­ter ru­les our en­ti­re so­ci­e­ty, from po­li­ti­cal par­ti­es to the fi­nan­cial sec­tor, tow­nlar­ge mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ti­es and even small lo­cal com­mu­ni­ti­es.

As a for­mer com­mu­nist co­un­try, Ro­ma­nia has in­he­ri­ted from that era a uni­que know­how re­gar­ding ma­ni­pu­la­ti­on and di­ver­si­on, ma­king it ca­pa­ble to mi­mic in­sti­tu­ti­ons, ca­re­ers, bi­o­grap­hi­es, laws and pro­ce­du­res. The cre­a­tors of this me­cha­nism, de­mo­cra­tic on­ly in ap­pe­a­ran­ce but to­ta­li­ta­rian in es­sen­ce, ha­ve al­re­a­dy star­ted to dis­miss yo­ur ap­pe­al, all in the na­me of a sta­te that mi­mics the ru­le of law and de­fen­ds so­le­ly their and their fa­mi­li­es’ in­te­res­ts and pros­pe­ri­ty.

He­ads of se­cret ser­vi­ces, The Na­ti­o­nal Anti­cor­rup­ti­on De­par­tment and star po­li­ti­cians all pre­tend to fi­ght again­st cor­rup­ti­on, a phe­no­me­non whi­ch is in fact their own cre­a­ti­on. The tar­get of their cru­sa­de: A lar­ge num­ber of pro­se­cu­tors, jud­ges, hi­gh le­vel of­fi­cers from the in­tel­li­gen­ce com­mu­ni­ty and em­ploye­es of the jus­ti­ce sys­tem. What is ne­ver men­ti­o­ned is that ab­so­lu­te­ly all of them use in a sta­ge-ma­na­ged way the sta­te in­sti­tu­ti­ons, in or­der to eli­mi­na­te their ad­ver­sa­ri­es and gain com­mand over eco­no­mic goods.

It mi­ght be hard to be­li­e­ve that in an Eu­ro­pe­an and de­mo­cra­tic Ro­ma­nia, al­so a US par­tner, not even the ac­qu­i­si­ti­on of toi­let pa­per in go­ver­nment mi­nis­tri­es is sub­ject to fair pur­cha­sing pro­ce­du­res or the free mar­ket. If you are not to­le­ra­ted by pe­o­ple wit­hin this ty­pe of sta­te, you do not exist.

Mr. Gi­u­liani, you are wi­de­ly known for yo­ur suc­ces­ses in sup­pres­sing the ma­fia in the Uni­ted Sta­tes. If ma­fi­o­sos from yo­ur past in­ves­ti­ga­ti­ons wo­uld ha­ve had a Ro­ma­nian ex­pe­ri­en­ce, you wo­uld still be wor­king hard to­day to un­co­ver and put them be­hind bars.

I am not exag­ge­ra­ting, mis­ter Gi­u­liani. In the so-cal­led de­mo­cra­tic Ro­ma­nia, evi­den­ce is co­un­ter­feit, wit­nes­ses are dre­a­med up, in­for­ma­ti­on is ob­tai­ned thro­u­gh blac­kmail and abu­se, and even so­me on­li­ne ten­ders of the Ro­ma­nian sta­te are com­ple­te­ly fa­ke. In Ro­ma­nia, the jus­ti­ce sys­tem in­ves­ti­ga­tes cri­mes so­le­ly with the „help“of se­cret ser­vi­ces.

I don’t know, mis­ter Gi­u­liani, how ma­ny ha­ve be­co­me vic­tims of the­se prac­ti­ces and are ser­ving now he­a­vy han­ded sen­ten­ces in pri­son. 1, 10 or may­be 1.000. But in­de­ed I ha­ve se­en with my own eyes in­no­cent pe­o­ple che­a­ted by se­cret ser­vi­ces and anti­cor­rup­ti­on pro­se­cu­tors, un­for­tu­na­te­ly with the help of so­me of­fi­cials wor­king for the US Embas­sy in Ro­ma­nia. A cer­tain gro­up of ad­ven­tu­rers and op­por­tu­nis­ts con­trol the po­li­tics of my co­un­try and use it on­ly in their per­so­nal in­te­rest, le­a­ving the ne­eds of our com­mu­ni­ty in the han­ds of des­ti­ny.

Se­cret ser­vi­ces and Ro­ma­nian di­plo­mats con­nec­ted to them who dis­pu­te yo­ur ges­tu­re are part of the sa­me vi­ci­o­us me­cha­nism of po­wer. They ha­ve their own fac­to­ri­es and com­pa­ni­es, whi­ch are shel­te­red from any fi­nan­cial or le­gal over­si­ght and are ac­co­un­ta­ble to no one.

They con­trol key-pe­o­ple wit­hin po­li­ti­cal par­ti­es, pro­se­cu­tors’ of­fi­ces and co­ur­ts of law. Hun­dreds upon hun­dreds of co­vert of­fi­cers ha­ve be­en in­fli­tra­ted wit­hin the­se pu­blic in­sti­tu­ti­ons, sho­uld the Ro­ma­nian pe­o­ple be temp­ted to com­mit a sin­gle fraud or nai­ve­ty. The to­ta­li­ta­rian Ro­ma­nian sta­te has an pro­fo­un­dly un­de­mo­cra­tic es­sen­ce. The ci­ti­zen is sus­pec­ted of an in­ca­pa­ci­ty to de­fend his co­un­try, a rem­nant of a com­mu­nist ide­o­lo­gy. In ac­tua­li­ty, the ci­ti­zen is a vic­tim of this men­ta­li­ty that stems from pe­o­ple still li­ving in past ti­mes.

This Ro­ma­nian to­ta­li­ta­rian me­cha­nism, a „de­ep sta­te“, (Ro­ma­nian tran­sla­ti­on: „sta­tul pa­ra­lel“), as it was na­med, is a mas­ter of the art of de­cep­ti­on, it de­lu­des the po­pu­la­ti­on, in­sti­tu­ti­ons and even gre­at na­ti­ons. It is ex­tre­me­ly sop­his­ti­ca­ted in spe­cu­la­ting the we­ak­nes­ses or the nai­ve­ty of tho­se who co­me in our co­un­try. This un­de­mo­cra­tic ma­chi­ne­ry and this to­ta­li­ta­rian be­ha­vi­or has de­ve­lo­ped with fo­reign sup­port and has be­en an­cho­red well in Eu­ro­pe­an and Eu­roa­tlan­tic in­sti­tu­ti­ons. So­me­ti­mes, you don’t re­al­ly know who is loo­king for you, who is wri­ting to you or with whom you are tal­king.

Mis­ter Ru­dol­ph Gi­u­liani, you did not­hing wrong. Even if yo­ur ori­gi­nal ini­tia­ti­ve was to in­form just one per­son or gro­up, you sho­uld ke­ep going, be­cau­se yo­ur mes­sa­ge is re­a­ching a ma­jo­ri­ty of the Ro­ma­nian pu­blic.

Mr. Ru­dol­ph W. Gi­u­liani, the ru­le-of-law sta­te con­trol­led by se­cret ser­vi­ces and pro­se­cu­tors exis­ts and is being used by both si­des, to the de­tri­ment of the Ro­ma­nian pe­o­ple, des­pi­te the fact that eve­ry day you can see and he­ar pu­blic dis­plays of loyal­ty and lo­ve. With gra­ti­tu­de and con­si­de­ra­ti­on, Cor­nel Nis­to­res­cu Di­rec­tor Co­ti­dia­nul Jo­ur­nal

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