Pharmacopuncture in the treatment of patients with dorsopathy/

L G Agasarov

Lechaschij vrach - - Содержание -

L. G. Agasarov

Abstract. In the vast majority of studies devoted to pharmacopuncture (drug injections in the field of reflexology) the priority use of homeopathic remedies is indicated. In this paper, this technology was performed using lumbosacral dorsopathy «model». The facts, obtained at the first stage, fit into the reflex and drug compound framework ideas about the achievement of qualitatively new effects — in our case, vascular ones. At the second stage, the effectiveness advance of the pharmacopuncture was noted due to its combination with the hardware method — low-intensity frequency-wave therapy. This is confirmed by an improvement in the indices of the physical and mental state of patients, which significantly excels the characteristics of the compared groups.

Keywords: dorsopathies, pharmacopuncture, adaptive bioresonance therapy.

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