Efficiency and safety of glycosamino-glycan-peptide complex in the therapy of chronic pain exacerbations in osteoarthritis of knee-joints in comorbid patients (results of DARTS observation program)

Lechaschij vrach - - Коллоквиум -

А. V. Naumov, O. N. Tkacheva, Yu. V. Kotovskaya, N. O. Hovasova

Abstract. The article presents the results of complex observational program which includes drug and non-drug methods of treatment of recurrent chronic pain in osteoarthritis in comorbid patients. The most important components of this program are application of glycosa-minoglycan-peptide complex and physical exercises. Special attention is paid to patients with comorbid diseases as the most widespread group of patients disposed to polypharmacy and having contra-indications for NSAID administration.

Keywords: osteoarthritis, comorbid diseases, chronic pain, сhondroitin, glycosamino-glycan-peptide complex, physical exercises, NSAID.

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