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Patricia Gucci frankly tells in her book “In the name of Gucci: A Memoir” (edition in Russian by Exmo, 2017) about her father and his relationship with her mother and family. She uses personal letters in the book, which Aldo Gucci wrote to her mother, Bruna Palombo, and also in details tells about her relationship with her father. The fashion house GUCCI became famous with the stunning family scandals no less than with the innovative fashion ideas. Discord in the family began immediately after the death of the founder of the house, Guccio Gucci. We publish an excerpt in which Patricia tells about the first steps of her grandfather – Guccio Gucci – to create a great brand.

The years that have lived after my father died weren’t easy for my mother and me. Our relationship had always been rocky but we were both consumed by our problems and his absence only made it worse. Bereft of the man who’d become a gather figure, friend, husband, and son all rolled into one, my mother was overcome by grief and fear. She felt rudderless without the force that had been driving us forward. Whenever I tried to comfort her, she pushed me away, and I became too busy to try again. My marriage was crumbling. I had a new baby, and it fell to me to deal with the lawyers for my father’s estate. There was no time to deal with the lawyers for my father’s estate. There was no time to grieve. Unable to guide my mother, I was powerless as she struggled to accept the loss that, for a while, rendered her completely incoherent. Her helplessness effectively shut down all channels of communication between us at a time when I needed her most. For the next few years we hardly connected at all. By the time I was in my forties I was counting the cost of two failed marriages and the toll they had taken on my three daughters. For reasons I hadn’t yet understood, I seemed to attract the wrong kind of man and suffered immensely as a result. True love – the kind my parents shared during their long and complex relationship – had eluded me.

Thankfully, I had some wonderful friends, but they could only support me so much. Prayer and meditation helped, but I realized that part of the problem was that I didn’t feel grounded. I had never met my grandparents and I barely knew my brothers.

I had only really come to know my father properly in the last phase of his life, and my mother remained a mystery to me.

The more I delved into my own psyche, I began to appreciate that my misguided choices seemed to stem from my fractured child hood and dysfunctional family relationships. In order to move forward, I needed to go back to my roots and reconcile with my past.

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