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There are much more ways to get fashion education in Russia today than for example 15 and even 5 years ago. There are many opportunities for learning for those wishing to become part of the fashion world.

Today there are specialized faculties in state universities, exchange and internship programs with European universities, and private commercial schools. It is possible to become anyone: from Instagrambloggers to managers.

There are following formats in the market of business education in fashion: master’s programs; additional professional education; distance courses; short-term courses.

When choosing a suitable program, you need to focus on several factors:

a curriculum and disciplines for studying (here you need to understand how deeply the subjects, that are needed in a particular specialty, are considered);

the teaching staff (here it is important that applied disciplines are led by the fashion industry practice with serious experience);

graduates of the program, their feedback, career development (this will make it clear what the program gives its alumni, how much it helps to develop).

In this review we collected key information about the main programs and educational institutions available in our country.

Master and MBA programs

Master program Management and marketing in the fashion industry.

Program organizers: Faculty of Business and Management and Higher School of Management, HSE.

Duration: 2 years.

Format: full-time, part-time, day and evening classes.

The joint program of the Business and Management faculty of the Higher School of Economics, the Higher School of Management of the Higher School of Economics and Fashion Consulting Group, was launched in 2017 and is aimed at training future managers in the fashion industry. The students will study marketing and branding in the fashion industry, strategic management, financial management, business performance management, company operations and personnel management in fashion companies. It is unique that the course includes disciplines on e-commerce, franchising and assortment management, that is, it will provide graduates with skills that they can apply in various areas of fashion business.

The combination of academic standards of HSE and practical experience of Fashion Consulting Group provide the program with the maximum relevance in modern realities of fashion business and acquaints listeners with all the subtleties of the fashion industry.

An interesting point: a special expert council of the fashion industry was set to award educational grants and offer opportunities for traineeship. To enroll the program, you must write an essay dedicated to fashion, or provide a portfolio of your achievements in the industry.

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