Migrating Enterprise Legacy Source Code to Microservices

Otkrytye sistemy. SUBD. - - БИБЛИОТЕКА -

Modernization of legacy enterprise systems is a challenge faced by many organizations that want to exploit the new cloud-computing technologies to meet high-scalability and high-availability needs. Assuming that a legacy system’s source code is available and maintainable, microservices are a promising solution in which centralized services are reimplemented as multiple independent services. Andrei Furda (andreifurda@gmail.com), lecturer, Colin Fidge (c.fdge@qut.edu.au), professor, Wayne Kelly (w.kelly@qut.edu.au), senior lecturer, Alistair Barros (alistair.barros@qut.edu.au), professor, Queensland University of Technology; Olaf Zimmerman, professor, University of Applied Sciences of Eastern Switzerland, Rapperswil.

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