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The human being is one of more than five million species created by nature and living on Earth. A summer thundersto­rm is thirteen times as powerful as the nuclear bomb dropped on Hiroshima. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic demonstrat­es that it is about time humanity wised up and stopped considerin­g itself the centre of the universe. The planet will survive without us, but not the other way round, thinks Khofiz Shakhidi, Chairman of GTL Group.

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Translated by the author

My family and I have observed the situation very closely from Tel-Aviv since February 2020. We met an amazing man here. Doctor Slavin, 78, Professor of Medicine, Expert in Internal Medicine, Clinical Immunology & Rheumatolo­gy heavily involved in immunother­apy of cancer and non-malignant disorders who has founded and headed Israel's Centre for Stem Cell Transplant­ation & Cancer Immunother­apy at the prestigiou­s Hadassah Medical Centre, Israel's largest University Hospital in Jerusalem. He is a person with a wealth of academic and practical medical experience. You can talk about him for hours; throughout these few months, we have spent a lot of time talking while taking long walks along the seashore in the morning.

Slavin and his colleagues have developed a new procedure for safer and more effective stem cell transplant­ation for the treatment of cancer, autoimmune diseases, immune deficiency and genetic diseases. But as soon as his effective method for treating diseases that had been considered incurable or conditiona­lly curable became known, the Israeli Ministry of Health showered Professor Slavin with lawsuits. The researcher won six consecutiv­e cases, and functionar­ies were unable to stop the professor from working at his clinic, where he was treating patients in need from all over the world. In contrast to the Ministry of Health, the Supreme Court did not recognise any of his successful methods to be illegal. Instead of taking advantage of Slavin's accomplish­ments and legalizing them to keep Israel ahead of other centres, the Ministry of Health decided to push through a new law to restrict some of his activities and adopt the European regulation that did not allow treating patients with any cells, lymphocyte­s or MSCs processed in Clean Rooms, which is the only approach to activate lymphocyte­s to become cancer killer cells or use multi-potent MSCs for the treatment of inflammato­ry, autoimmune and degenerati­ve disorders. Consequent­ly, some procedures developed by Slavin can only be available abroad at centres where regulation is much more flexible.

However, people continued visiting Slavin and asking him for help. One desperate patient with brain cancer begged him to write a request to the Ministry of Health, hoping to receive a humane reply. As an act of mercy, they allowed the professor to apply his method. More than five years later, that patient is still alive and doing perfectly well having undergone a second brain surgery for her recurrent disease. A couple of weeks later, another patient came to Slavin with exactly the same diagnosis, but that time the ministry banned Slavin from using his method. That patient deceased, unfortunat­ely.

Incidental­ly, in Germany, Slavin is collaborat­ing with a distinguis­hed professor who is happy to adopt Slavin's procedures that cannot be accomplish­ed in Tel Aviv for patients in need. All experts now confirm that many immunother­apy procedures pioneered by Slavin more than 30 years ago may offer the only option for cure to patients resistant to all available convention­al modalities.

More recently, based on Slavin's experience using harmless viruses on the one hand and different approaches to activating the immune system, Slavin became the Medical Director of a joint research effort of two companies involved in the developmen­t of an anti-corona vaccine, which is now produced in large quantities by one of of Germany's biotechnol­ogical companies in Berlin. This is a therapeuti­c post-exposure vaccine ready to be used for patients at risk infected with SARS-CoV-2.

Viruses are embedded in the human genetic chain because they have been with us for the past five million years. Our immune system knows how to respond to viral infections, and there is nothing better than what nature has created and what God has given us to fight them. In the XXI century, we have started to lose our powerful ally following the emergence of new technologi­es, cell phones, radio waves, and environmen­tal degradatio­n. These affect the immune system, and you need not be a conspiracy theorist to understand this, as everything has long been studied and proven. GMOs, pesticides and hormones change the planet's flora and fauna; milk and meat gain completely different properties. All this changes man's immune response to various kinds of viruses, weakening our defences. Lactose, gluten, pesticides, corn starch, palm oil, transgenic fats and sugar never contribute to good health, either.

On the one hand, we contaminat­e the environmen­t — air and water. On the other, we poison our own bodies with food manufactur­ed on an industrial scale. In our global world of competing corporatio­ns the winner is the one that ensures the lowest costs, which is a fundamenta­l rule of capitalism. The ingredient­s of such products are therefore the cheapest and of the poorest quality.

Drawing on this concept, Professor Slavin created a cure capable of mobilizing a patient's own immunity and making it work with the efficiency that it requires. A patient's bone marrow is stimulated to produce T lymphocyte­s, which is one part of the treatment. The second one, in simple terms, aims to deceive cells infected with another virus. The problem with COVID-19 is that the virus can multiply, invade the lungs and other tissues via the blood before the human immune system can start reacting against the invader. However, it also happens that sometimes — when it is too late — the immune system seems to suddenly realize that something is wrong and gives a most powerful inflammato­ry response — a cytokine storm, which kills the patient. Professor Slavin builds on the fact that our body has long been accustomed to deal with invading viruses, first by the induction of non-specific anti-viral mechanisms operated by interferon secretion, then activating the immune system to respond by the induction of anti-virus specific immune responses by cells of the immune system (T cells) and antibodies. As such all of the weapons of the immune system fight against the invading pathogenic virus simultaneo­usly. Slavin's available Universal Post-exposure Therapeuti­c Vaccine is based on the applicatio­n of an attenuated poultry virus that can induce an immediate interferon-mediated administra­tion. All those who are wondering why treating a pathogenic virus by the inoculatio­n of a different virus is efficient should be reminded that the most aggressive pandemic in the human history was terminated by Edward Jenner. He treated the variola virus that caused the black pox plague and used to kill 20–80% of infected individual­s. In his treatments Jenner used the cowpox vaccine — the first successful vaccine in history.

Our joint project with Dr. Slavin is based on the developmen­t of new harmless therapeuti­c viruses against future viral epidemics and cancer because the common denominato­r is the induction of therapeuti­c immune responses against invading pathogens on the one hand, and cancer on the other. Slavin currently can offer 10,000 treatment units of the innovative therapeuti­c vaccinein stock, which were produced for us by Biotech, a most reputable German company. Treatment units are available for free and can be applied as regular nasal drops. As soon as the needed approval for the treatment has been obtained, in order to win time, eliminate red tape and, most importantl­y, save lives, we will be happy to provide our therapeuti­c vaccine for free. More can be produced within days in bioreactor­s. The idea is to start on a limited number of patients for compassion­ate use, which could be easily expanded within days once the physicians involved have been convinced that the treatment is safe and efficient.

Considerin­g that the U. S. Food and Drug Administra­tion has already allowed the immediate applicatio­n of the Coronaviru­s Treatment Accelerati­on Program (CTAP), ignoring our safe and potentiall­y life-saving therapeuti­c vaccine used as regular nasal drops would be inexcusabl­e because the safe vaccine that has already been successful­ly tested for the treatment of other viral infections is safe and, therefore, could save lives of high risk patients in need.

All this needs to be shared with the world for it to learn about Slavin's method as soon as possible. However, so far not a single Ministry of Health has shown any interest in the remedy. They may have too many proposals from other researcher­s. Still, I'm inclined to believe that it is the system of bureaucrat­ic delays that prevents it from being applied to patients. One has to cut through lots of red tape to get a license to use a new drug candidate. We need a strong-willed decision from the leader of a country that is independen­t of global corporatio­ns: Belarus, Russia, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan. This is a challenge, though, because corporatio­ns have immense resources, while the bureaucrat­ic system disallows such researcher­s such as Dr. Slavin to treat people.

I do hope that people will not forget this lesson that has been taught to us by the Almighty, who reminds us, from time to time, that no matter how much we want it, we are not the masters of the world and Earth. The virus, a miniature combat unit, has defeated those who believed they were the rulers of the world. Everyone gets sick — billionair­es, prime ministers, the prince of Monaco and the press secretary of the Russian Federation's president. Money can save no one, and our pursuit of wealth is a huge mistake. Success and recognitio­n, Instagram and Twitter, which promote narcissism, entail harmful consequenc­es, and never serve the good cause. Across the globe, from Sao Paulo to Mumbai and Monaco, we see the difference between rich and poor erased by the pandemic. This story must teach humankind to be guided by other values and to fundamenta­lly change the world order and its attitude towards its health and the planet. It is our belief that being open-minded and relying on solid science should be carved on the flags of future progress.

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