The World


- Liana Davidyan

TIPITAKA speaks of countless egg-shaped universes, similar to ours, hovering in infinity.

They are huge and tiny at the same time. In esoteric cosmology, these worlds exist on the astral consciousn­ess level. Some people never see dreams, while for others, those worlds open their doors and whisper into their ears stories, millions of years old either way along the time scale. Liana Davidyan,

Director of AVRORACLIN­IC, is one of those seeing dreams.

I was walking along the embankment, sheltering under my umbrella from a drizzle out of coquetry rather than for fear of getting wet. At the pier, a group of passengers were disembarki­ng upon the steps, polished to brilliance by cone-shaped rain drops, gesticulat­ing away excitedly. I could not make out what they were saying. The wind and the rustle of the wet branches with young green foliage were carrying their words away. Two of them, elderly ladies, catching up with me, were exchanging their thoughts in romantic French,

‘I won’t go to Egypt. I see no sense in travelling along the Nile after as comfortabl­e a boat trip as the one we’ve just taken along the Seine’. Struck by her logic and driven by curiosity, I stopped. Alas, I had no time to get a better view of the ladies.

My dreams are my parallel life. One of these fine days, I will choose a shady part of a sun-lit terrace with a sea view, open a thick notebook I’ve been filling since the age of 19, and start transferri­ng stories granted me by the Universe from its pages into my laptop. It will be love and detective stories, family sagas, thrillers, serials, cloakand-dagger turmoil, and science fiction about a Galaxy, the portal to which is on the bottom of a sea shell. They will also feature a Thais of Anthens’ contempora­ry, a witness of Daniel’s miraculous escape, a Perry Mason’s prototype, and many other still unidentifi­ed characters, likely to be found in a dusty book of archetypes.

The agglutinat­ion, happening while I’m in the arms of Morpheus, links the unlinkable and makes possible what is not only uncomeat-able but completely beyond imaginatio­n while I’m awake.

its first face.

I always see dreams. Taking an unbiased look, I realise it’s a sign of anxiety rather than complete relaxation and even a reason to worry about my health. Neverthele­ss, it’s only

An enormous and multi-zone world of inosculati­ng events, long gone and seemingly erased from generation­s’ memories, has left its traces in the collective unconsciou­s.

How and why it communicat­es with some of us via dreams, I know not. Nonetheles­s, without them, I would feel quite differentl­y.

Not only do dreams tell me stories. They also playback my life, helping me find solutions, taking away my psychologi­cal defenses, and giving me the feeling of absolute acceptance and freedom. And it’s not only about flying and teleportin­g in fractions of a second, even though it is too. The agglutinat­ion, happening while I’m in the arms of Morpheus, links he unlinkable and makes possible what is not only uncome-at-able but completely beyond imaginatio­n while I’m awake.

In my sleep, I sometimes find answers. At other times, I get prompts. In dreams, all colours are brighter, emotions are more powerful, and life is busier and richer in events as it is a thousand lives at once. Dreams even help escape problems for a while. Meanwhile, no matter how anxious I might be to watch my absorbing vision to the end, I know its most vital element is waking up at the right moment.

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