Spilling The Beans

The Star (St. Lucia) - Life Begins 2 Nite - - JUICY LOCAL GOSSIP! - With Biky B

Jazz done and it is sup­posed to be car­ni­val time, but boy is like de election fever done over­take de vaval. Like bac­cha­nal and de silly sea­son is twins joined at the hip.

Stripped Down: Ah dunno about all you but some­thing about de lat­est strip club bust givin’ off a nasty odor. So many other joints op­er­at­ing around de place wid all kinda for­eign woman and not a word not a word not a word from de cops. Dey even have a strip club be­tween Bexon and Den­nery an’ it ad­ver­tisin’ bold­face in Face­book. Dey even have talk about a not so se­cret es­cort ser­vice.

Scarred ‘n’ scorned: You know hell hath no fury right like a woman scorned, right? Well boy maybe de me­dia man eh hear about dat old story. Now he have a cer­tain woman heapin’ all kinda pre­vi­ously un­told sto­ries about him, all over de place. Is like a Face­book soap. De woman like she hell-bent on de me­dia man los­ing a big en­gage­ment in one of de sis­ter isles. If tings con­tinue dat way padna go have his own story to tell. Trou­ble is de woman just might de­cide to tell her own ver­sion of de tale.

Bit­ter­sweet: You mean to tell me a sweet shabin like you, wid cul­tural roots all over de place, you eh see noth­ing bet­ter to do at age 45-plus dan to pick up dat wit­less 20-some­thing? De man self all of a sud­den get so pos­ses­sive is like his hands have a mind of dere own. But wha’ re­ally pissin’ Biky B off is how madam tellin’ ev­ery­one dat dere eh no good men in Saint Lu­cia. If at her age she cyar sep­a­rate real men from boys, well now she know . . .

Locked out: Ah re­ally cyar un­der­stand why de po­lice have a Cau­casian fella who say he from Canada roam­ing de street. You mean to tell me you bust de man try­ing to leave de is­land with­out pay­ing his land­lord. An’ not just any land­lord, you un­der­stand. De man land­lord is a cop. So any­way the au­thor­i­ties say dey holdin’ his pass­port un­til he bring in de rent money. So now padna like some kinda home­less va­grant. Next ting you gon hear is he un­der ar­rest for tryin’ to get de rent money from some old woman be­hind a tray.

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