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Seems I heard re­cently that a very tal­ented Looshan had in­vented a spe­cial app strictly for zombees . Or was that just another in­ven­tion by the Red Zone’s lead­ing in­ven­tor? Any­way, now that Cam­paign 666 has gone to the devil, it’s like some an­gry in­di­vid­u­als have taken re­venge on the whiz kid. There are those who in­sist cer­tain in­di­vid­u­als grabbed the young feller in the dead of night and dropped him off some­where near Morne Sion. You know, the fa­mous kaskoo just out­side of Choiseul where in 2006 a bus­load of peo­ple on their way from a fu­neral dis­ap­peared into thin air? Oh, but I lie. Only two peo­ple dis­ap­peared with­out trace. Fel­low pas­sen­gers were dis­cov­ered dead on the sea rocks at Morne Sion. To this day no­body can ex­plain the ac­ci­dent that wasn’t an ac­ci­dent, even though rel­a­tives of the de­ceased picked up some se­ri­ous ac­ci­dent in­sur­ance dol­lars. Nei­ther can any­one say what hap­pened to the miss­ing two . . . or even who the devil they could have been!

Speak­ing of the devil: I re­ally don’t want to en­cour­age more talk about su­per­nat­u­ral ac­tiv­i­ties that oc­cu­pied sev­eral much-re­spected cit­i­zens for sev­eral weeks be­fore June 6, 2016. But it ap­pears count­less fel­low cit­i­zens are in­ter­ested in noth­ing else at this time, judg­ing from var­i­ous Looshan threads on Face­book. Take a peep for your­self. Ev­ery other word that jumps at you is the O-word. Obeah! Obeah! Ev­ery other per­son and his aun­tie is writ­ing with authority about who did what with what chem­bois to win what seat. The in­side whis­per is a cer­tain group of for­eign In­di­ans made a whole heap of money ad­mis­ter­ing spe­cial baths three times a week to peo­ple whose names would stop your pump­ing heart. Ac­cord­ing to one FB re­port the In­di­ans had no choice but to im­port a spe­cial lard tub for one of the more con­cerned politi­cians. Not even the largest bath avail­able lo­cally was large to ac­com­mo­date the man aft, let alone his belly.

And another thing: the buzz around town is that the former deputy pee-em is play­ing his lat­est role only at the dis­cre­tion of a cer­tain su­per star; at any rate, un­til the next red gath­er­ing. To put it another way, he’ll keep his lat­est job as seat warmer un­til the ar­rival of the heir ap­par­ent. Some im­por­tant peo­ple with a bar­rel of Grey Goose in­side them were overheard say­ing at a cooler fete Satur­day that Juf­fali’s golden boy knew what he was talk­ing about when he told the me­dia about a re­birth about to take place. They say the boy was in dead earnest. Well, time will tell . . .

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