Minia­ture light Houses that re­ally shine

The Star (St. Lucia) - Life Begins 2 Nite - - CONTENTS - By: Faye-Chantelle Mon­de­sir

2 Nite Mag­a­zine is al­ways in­trigued with lo­cal ar­ti­sans and the di­ver­sity of craft they of­fer, and this week’s fea­ture artist is no ex­cep­tion. Aim­ron is a young, vi­brant crafts­man whose work not only lit­er­ally daz­zles the un­ex­pect­ing on­looker, but also out­shines some com­mon craft items. His craft is any­thing but typ­i­cal, with at­trac­tive minia­ture light­houses be­ing the end prod­uct. The eye-catch­ing sig­na­ture pieces he cre­ates are both func­tional and beau­ti­ful, and easily com­ple­ment and add fab­u­lous flare to any un­ad­ven­tur­ous decor.

2Nite Mag­a­zine this week sat in an in­ter­view with the young cre­ative. Over the years Aim­ron has de­vel­oped this rather ex­clu­sive craft, at least unique to the is­land, whereby he dis­plays his mar­vel­lous cre­ativ­ity through the colour­ful and classy light­houses he con­structs, which light up any dull and bor­ing night. “Light­ing fit for a king or queen; for the lover of art who dares to be dif­fer­ent when it comes to in­te­rior de­sign and un­der­tak­ing the task of light­ing up any unin­spir­ing room,” he re­vealed is the driv­ing force in­spir­ing him to­ward this busi­ness. “My pieces are ac­tu­ally appropriate for any room. They can change any at­mos­phere and cre­ate the per­fect set­ting es­pe­cially for lovers at night,” he dis­closed. “This is one of the things I love most about pro­duc­ing them. I can ac­tu­ally help in­cor­po­rate some­thing dif­fer­ent and fun into other peo­ple’s lives.”

Light­ing up any room, whether a pri­vate dwelling place or a public do­main, is what this young, self-em­ployed thirty-some­thing is clev­erly and cre­atively skilled at do­ing best. Whether it’s a prac­ti­cal set­ting or fan­tasy set­ting the owner of each piece seeks to cre­ate, these lit­tle ba­bies work won­ders in any do­main. “Why resort to the stan­dard light­ing for your most fre­quented space, when these lovely light­house cre­ations can truly spruce up a room and in­stantly en­hance any decor and most of all add au­then­tic­ity and fun?” he chuck­led.

Hand­crafted with much love and metic­u­lous con­struc­tion, each cre­ation, in­spired by many things he ad­mit­ted, is birthed ac­cord­ing to the in­di­vid­ual tastes of each of his clients. “I pro­duce cus­tom pieces,” he told 2Nite Mag­a­zine. “What­ever colour or de­sign they re­quest, I de­liver.” Hav­ing seen Aim­ron’s wares, I can at­test that great de­tail goes into pro­duc­ing each unique light­house. “This is a craft I learned from a friend called Jerry,” he shared, “and it takes me four days to com­plete a piece.”

When asked about his short-term goals he re­vealed, “My ut­most de­sire is to heav­ily mar­ket my prod­ucts and get them on sale at ho­tels and guest­houses around the is­land.” Aim­ron sees great po­ten­tial de­mand for his unique craft among the tourists. “It’s the kind of sou­venir they would love to pur­chase, take home for fond mem­o­ries, place on their man­tle, or even get as a gift for friends and fam­ily. I’ve been told by those who ap­pre­ci­ate my work that it is a spe­cial item for one to own,” he proudly ad­mit­ted.

Asked about his long-term goals he told 2Nite, “I wish to ex­pand my va­ri­ety and, apart from get­ting my work into all ma­jor gift shops is­land-wide, my ul­ti­mate aim is to dis­trib­ute abroad, par­tic­u­larly to neigh­bour­ing is­lands where I know the light­houses will be ap­pre­ci­ated and trea­sured.” In the mean­time, Aim­ron con­tin­ues with his work of care­fully craft­ing these spe­cial light­houses, with the aim of light­ing up peo­ple’s lives in many more ways than one!

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