The Star (St. Lucia) - Life Begins 2 Nite - - FRONT PAGE - By Biky B

Hello to all my peeps out dere, Biky B is back after a really long va­ca­tion, boy. But to tell you de truth I had done hang my hat up al­ready, you know. But after all dem lick­yleaks, and all de re­quests, ah say ah had to come back. After all, who bet­ter at leaks dan Biky B, right? So here I am, and trust me ah go be around for ah long time, as op­posed to dem fel­las who have short-term mea­sures, if you know what ah mean.

More Pep: Well boy, first tings first. How de heck ya’ll women end up in church with pep­per spray? Like ya’ll take de holier-dan-thou min­is­ter so se­ri­ous. Ya’ll start de may­w­pis and de shade throw­ing on Face­book and end up in­side, out­side and around de church with ya’ll pep­per spray bat­tle. Next ting you know po­lice in­volved and now de mat­ter in court. Now mind you one ah de girls in­volved in de fra­cas is an ass-pir­ing politi­cian, eh.

Hole in One: Talk­ing about de holier dan thou min­is­ter, you mean to tell me all de bible you quot­ing you never hear what de good Lord had to say to de Scribes and Pharisees and de adul­ter­ous woman? After all dem years you spend sneak­ing around with Felix de Cat one woulda tink you’d ah be more cun­ning in your glasshouse be­hind de bush. But awah, not in dat spruced up hairdo!

Fly­ing High: Boy dey say love is blind but ah tink by now for a cer­tain lo­cal pi­lot, his ting is what hap­pen on de ground let dat stay on de ground. Is horn left right and cen­ter he get­ting from his wife and he still dere holdin’ tight. De lat­est bout was when a fe­male lawyer catch de pi­lot wife with her hus­band, cozy­ing up like two dol­phins in a Pi­geon Point sanc­tu­ary. Well boy judg­ing by de speed she drive off, maybe dey shoulda con­sider a Nas­car race track in de area too.

In Plane Site: But men, doh tink Biky B eh have ya’ll num­ber too. Like dat fella who is an ac­coun­tant and his wife over­seas. Just de other day de man say he go­ing down south for de week­end and end up on a plane with de ja­bal. Then again maybe go­ing down south is his fa­vorite ting, if you know what ah mean. But de truth is both de ja­bal and de wife know about his ly­ing cheat­ing ways and they ready to put him out wit de other dogs. Eh ben bon. Any­way, ah go have to leave it dere for now. You done know: places to go, peo­ple to see, tings to do an’ all ah dat. But no wor­ries, ah go be back on your case again next week. But if you have any beans you pick up and wanna send me, just put dem in my in­box at okay? See ya’ll later.

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