The Star (St. Lucia) - Life Begins 2 Nite - - WHAT'S INSIDE - By Biky B

Boy ah swear de time run­ning way too fast. Is like just de other day it was Jan­uary and on Saturday it was April al­ready. Ah thought was an April Fool’s joke when ah look at de cal­en­dar, but awa! Dem days there is enough of dat go­ing around in pol­i­tics year round, so we eh even have to wait for April. Talk­ing about April Fool’s just read de first lil soup­syon ah have for you…

Sa-pas-blag: De first bit a news to hit me dis week was about a cop who was work­ing on de high seas and de­cide to play a trick on his girl­friend by telling her he eh com­ing home again for de week­end. So de man plan was to come home Saturday night to sur­prise his woman for April Fools. But de woman who works at a ho­tel, tell him dat she will no longer take Saturday night off since he eh com­ing again. So su­per-cop roll up to de house to wait for his chick when she come home to sur­prise her. A-a! To de man sur­prise de woman was in bed deh fool­ing around with a next man. Eh ben bon!

Turn-Up: So a pop­u­lar ra­dio DJ was put on blast by his baby momma last week for de whole world to see. And where else to wash your dirty laun­dry dem days? On Face­book of course! Well ac­cord­ing to de post than had Face­book turn-up loud, it seems like home­boy eh pay­ing his dues when it comes to child sup­port. But de way Biky B hear it is not only dem dues de man not pay­ing, but is like he stop sweet­en­ing de woman pot of gold too. De story is dat de baby mama come back from de high seas to find de man cruis­ing along with a nice shabin in some cute san­dals. Boy ah tell you!

Soca Rant: So ah hear a pop­u­lar Soca artiste get dumped by his man­ager be­cause she back in de camp with her sugar-boy pro­ducer. Biky B hear de singer eh happy with dat since he and de pro­ducer had fall out too. De man eh hid­ing his feel­ings, say­ing dat de fe­male man­ager go back to base where she get­ting money plus honey for her time and ser­vices. Boy all ah go say is, Saint Lu­cia we love!

Sto­ry­time: So af­ter milk­ing de govern­ment for money for big time doc­u­men­tary and other con­sul­tancy PR fees, ah hear de doc­u­men­tary guru dodg­ing a bill from a lo­cal pro­duc­tion house. De way Biky hear it, de man was cozy, cozy with de peo­ple who gave him his big break. But as soon as money start rolling in, padna roll out, form his own com­pany and leave be­hind a huge bill. Now ah hear he play­ing dodge ball and go­ing on and on, leav­ing an­other story to be told. Well that’s de end of my sto­ry­line for this week. Check me again next Saturday, and in de mean­time, keep your eyes and ears peeled. If you see or hear any­thing holla at me at [email protected]!

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