An­other week of drama and roro all over de place, espe­cially on He­len po­lit­i­cal front. So ah know you done have enough of dat al­ready and maybe even more dan enough, right. So Biky B’s job is to give all you a dif­fer­ent kind of fix. Hang on:

The Star (St. Lucia) - Life Begins 2 Nite - - NEWS - By Biky B

Sour Notes:

A-A so big roro on Face­book (again) about which artiste tief­ing work from other artiste, and who get fired over some kinda racist re­mark. But boy, like dey al­ways say is three sides to a story: his, hers and de truth. But part of de story Biky B hear is dat de fe­male singer who now play­ing wifey role since she move into de man­sion, when de wife went for­eign, curse up de peo­ple in de ho­tel left right and cen­ter. All be­cause she eh get­ting su­per­star billing on de ho­tel no­tice board! But hear dat, Biky B shock to find out dat dem tings hap­pen since last year but de song­bird now get­ting on, mak­ing peeps be­lieve it jus hap­pen. All dat be­cause he get saxed, ah mean sacked from a Jazz gig? Well, well!

Talk­ing Blues:

So ah hear de Reg­gae & Roots ting de sun peo­ple try­ing to pull over cyar see de light of day be­cause not enough money in de cof­fers. But to make tings worse dey get a link for a Ja­maican Reg­gae singer for one price from a lo­cal con­tact, but try to do de book­ing dem­selves and now have to pay dou­ble. Boy you know what dey say: de more tings change de more tings re­main de same. My ad­vice: just give de peo­ple dere vaval right af­ter Jazz and leave dat alone tun. But who does lis­ten to Biky B?

Fake Baby News:

Ah tink Looshan women watch­ing too much re­al­ity TV dem days. You mean to tell me this girl from down south trick dis mar­ried man she check­ing into tin­k­ing she preg­nant for him. De way ah hear it, de girl get her friend who is preg­nant to use a preg­nancy test and den give it to her to show de man. Doh ask me what de heck she was tin­k­ing. Peo­ple say maybe she wanted de man to spend more time with her or maybe she thought de man woulda leave his wife who dey say cyar make chil­dren. But hear what, de man now find out de trick and he hop­ping mad. So now all de nice tings and money she used to get dat blank out big time.

So­cial But­ter­fly:

Looshan woman re­ally some­thing ee. You pay all dat money to go to a fete with de so­cialite Amer­i­can woman with a big bum bum dat dey say break up T.I. and Tiny and now you choops­ing. You vex be­cause you say­ing de woman twosh fake? You vex be­cause you say­ing Looshan girls could twerk bet­ter dan dat. But ah coulda tell you dat you coulda take dat money, sit down Gros Islet and see bet­ter ac­tion and spend less money on drinks. But all ah go tell you now is de woman back in Trum­p­land shak­ing both twosh and mak­ing money and you still dere split­ting in de mid­dle for free. Sigh! Any­way peo­ple dat’s ma space. It’s an­other long hol­i­day week­end. Have your­self a safe one and en­joy your Labour Day Hol­i­day, okay? As usual, if any beans come your way do share at [email protected] .

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