Sa ka fete. Is me again Biky B on your case this week with some news dat juicier that a julie mango or fat piece of pork from pork city. Is true! Just read on:

The Star (St. Lucia) - Life Begins 2 Nite - - WHAT'S INSIDE - By Biky B

Who’s Zoom­ing Who?: Well boy ah doh know why some peo­ple wanna go get mar­ried young when dey know dey eh ready yet. Like this young fella who just meet this girl from de US last year. In two-two’s de man run and get hitched. Now de girl back in for­eign liv­ing with a next man she claim is her room­mate. And padna here in Saint Lu­cia be­cause he cyar get a visa and in a rage. Now is end­less mayp­wis back and forth be­tween de two a dem on­line about who horn who first. Take your time pal!

Bounce: Ah hear a cer­tain Kuduro crew aka de Den­nery seg­ment, have plenty beef go­ing on. De way ah hear it, is like de fel­las want to kick out one of de singers. Dey say de man eh have no dis­ci­pline and act­ing like he alone run tings cut­ting nuff style be­cause girls check­ing for him. But de man story is dat dem fel­las just jeal­ous es­pe­cially de slim tall one whose sis­ter now want to roll with him. Well look it?

Vice-Versa: If you hear bac­cha­nal in town dis week. Two girls in war over money. Now one a dem all on Face­book pos­ing in cos­tumes for one a de pop­u­lar bands. But her other so-called friend, roll on her for her money she lend her to buy weave. De other girl say she want her money to pay for her ticket to go to “Vice” this week­end. But de money-lender in her new weave and now look­ing for out­fit for de same fete. De other chick say if she eh get her money, is trou­ble. Ah hope dey eh have to call out de “Vice Squad.”

Hard Ball: So you leave your baby daddy for de pop­u­lar foot­baller just be­cause your friends wanted him. You used to call dem groupies and all kinda names. Well now look it, one a de groupies say dat she is de main squeeze and do­ing tings you could not do. Now you dere say­ing all kinda tings about men on your pro­file. Woman check your­self tun. Next time take it slow okay.

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