Fish Tail Braid

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This classy fish­tail braid can be rocked lit­er­ally any­where, any­time, and with any out­fit! It may look like it’s not easy to do but give it a try and you'll be pleas­antly sur­prised. The more prac­tice you get, the faster you'll be able to com­plete your braid for a

Step 1:

Di­vide the hair into two sec­tions. You can use a hair elas­tic for starters, and then re­move it or keep it in with the braid.

Step 2:

Take a small piece from un­der­neath the right sec­tion and pull it over to the op­po­site sec­tion. Com­bine it with the left sec­tion.

Step 3:

Re­peat the step above with a small piece from un­der­neath the left side, pull it over and blend with the right side.

Step 4:

Then take a new piece from the un­der­neath the right sec­tion and re­peat. Keep al­ter­nat­ing sides as you com­plete the process.

Step 5:

Con­tinue to do so un­til the braid is com­plete or un­til it’s at a de­sired length. You can have it plaited to the side or in mid­dle, with or with­out a pony­tail. There are also many other ways to do this braid, such as the French fish­tail braid.

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