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Boy Biky B tell you from roots and soul to pure vavalary and ah ready for de mas again. Boy all ah can say is dat some a de Soca hot, hot, hot. But of course every­body dem days talk­ing about de Looshan Kuduro aka de Den­nery Seg­ment dat have de place on fire right now. But is de Kaiso soaps dat have Biky right now, so read on… A Point of Prin­ci­ple:

Talk­ing about Looshan Car­ni­val, well de Kaiso tents in full swing you know. And boy is blows for so for de polit­cians. But in de mix of it all a head-teacher get­ting some real stick too. Now de man who is also a kaiso­nian has been on sus­pen­sion for some teacher-stu­dent hanky-panky. Well boy is like he com­rades in Kaiso want more dan a pound of flesh from him. De last ah hear is dat de man feel­ing de pres­sure and might not even com­pete this year.


Talk­ing about hanky-panky, nuff ru­mours spread­ing about a cer­tain po­lit­i­cal op­er­a­tive whose job it was to troll Face­book and de­fend his party by any means nec­es­sary. De man who was based over­seas, has been ac­cused of all kinda tings in de past, but noth­ing seemed to stick. But boy, re­cently tings got se­ri­ous, de man head get hot and ah hear he try to leave de state where he was based. De last ting ah hear is dat not only was he held for ques­tion­ing about some a de al­le­ga­tions but de feds now have him in de­ten­tion over his im­mi­gra­tion sta­tus. Look like this one may get de Trump boot.


Ah tink a cer­tain drinks com­pany man­ager can get de spe­cial dou­ble agent award. De man real bold­face boy to have both his main squeeze and de side chick at Soleil. But one ting ah re­al­ize is dat de side chick know she place. Be­cause when tings done she make sure she en­ter de back of de ve­hi­cle for de man to drop her home, while de un­sus­pect­ing wifey in de front seat, cool and calm.

No Sports:

So ah cer­tain sports ad­min­is­tra­tor who used to have his head all up in de clouds now hang­ing his head in shame. De man who used to walk like he cyar mash ants was telling peo­ple dat his wife in Mi­ami on va­ca­tion. But now dat de truth come out and is for a rich man in de US she leave him, padna quiet like a church mouse. De ting is de man was run­ning around here dere and ev­ery­where and de wife get fed-up and skip town leav­ing him high and dry.

On dat note Biky B go leave it there. Of course re­mem­ber to en­joy de vaval events in safety but also re­mem­ber its de hur­ri­cane sea­son so heed all warn­ings okay. En­joy all yuh self and doh for­get to drop me some beans at bikyb@ gmail.com.

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