Time does re­ally fly wee! Imag­ine is a whole new month al­ready and soon de vaval done. So you know right now is peak fete sea­son and Biky B in dat real deep, pick­ing up de hottest beans just for you.

The Star (St. Lucia) - Life Begins 2 Nite - - NEWS - By Biky B


After a big vaval fete last week, a pop­u­lar young busi­ness­man dat done taken de­cide to cozy up with de ja­bal by de beach. Ah guess dey had a lot of catch­ing up to do. De side chick is a one-time Queen con­tes­tant just come dong from wher­ever. But you know Loosha have spies worse dan Biky and some­body take it on dem­self to give wifey de soup­syon. In two-twos she reach on the beach and in two shakes she turn de at­mos­phere into bac­cha­nal on de bay. After some heavy licks pass, de man hop in his car and drive off with de side chick. Last ah hear is it’ll be a while be­fore tings at home re­turn to nor­mal.


Boy Cooler fete had nuff dis­play on Satur­day. And not only on de stage wid all dem crazy cool­ers. I tell you de fet­ters take de bac­cha­nal to an­other level. One such en­counter was a pop­u­lar vaval cou­ple who in all source once is soca and cos­tume. Well de hus­band end up in fra­cas and out of nowhere de wife come fly­ing in like Jet Lee. Even de hus­band seem sur­prise at his ride-or-die wife. Need­less to say de po­lice had to in­ter­vene be­fore tings got outta hand.


As for dem po­lice! You mean to tell me a man bring his padna to de emer­gency cen­ter in dat same fete, say­ing how his friend was drugged. In­stead of help­ing de mun de po­lice just dere laugh­ing. One ah dem even video­tape de scene. One de­clare dat dey spike de fella drink be­cause his padna maybe wanted to put it on him. You tink some a dem cops easy.

Jam­ming In De City:

Talk­ing about cops get­ting outta hand: last week Fri­day there was some­thing called Soca on de Square. So you know po­lice was pa­trolling de vicin­ity. Dese days you know you cyar take chances. While some peo­ple out to have a good time a bun­cha thugs only want to mash up de party. Well dis time it was not your reg­u­lar hooli­gan but a scorned lover. De woman spot her man pass­ing in a car wid an­other woman. Boy ah just see she fly in­side de car from de side­walk and next ting she try­ing to pull de man from be­hind de wheel. Padna shock. And wid all de traf­fic he cyar gas up. Lucky for him de cops were right be­hind and dey come out to cool dong de scene. Ah tell you as soon as he could, de mun shoot off like he is Nascar driver boy. Mean­while peo­ple jam­ming in de square to sweet soca mu­sic. Ah tell you, dere eh no place like He­len! And peeps, like ah said dat’s where ah go be this week­end un­til last lap, tak­ing in all de jam­ming, jump­ing and wav­ing and of course do­ing a whole lotta spy­ing.

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