The Star (St. Lucia) - Life Begins 2 Nite - - WHAT'S INSIDE - By Biky B

Good-day ma peeps and wel­come to an­other hot Biky B pot­pourri. Boy ah tell you, de place been alive with all de par­ty­ing, sadly is like de vaval com­ing to an end faster dan a run­away train dat Biky B only read about! Just two more week­ends left in de vaval but Biky B keep­ing busy just for 2Nite peo­ple.


So de school princy-pal get axed from de kaiso. Boy ah tell you Sun­day gone de kaiso­ni­ans and de fans were bru­tal. Ev­ery­body coulda see de man was not him­self. De man couldn’t even use de reg­u­lar dress­ing room. He had to change in his car. Ah hear a fella say eh nuthin’ new in dat. De man been dress­ing and un­dress­ing in his car for years, whether is him­self or some young ting. But Biky hear de man keep­ing cool, thanks to a cer­tain queen of hearts at a cer­tain min­istry dat guar­an­tee him pro­tec­tion. Won­der what he have to do for dat?


Now doh say is I say eh, but ah hear dat a min­is­ter may be get­ting into de garbage busi­ness. Now ah could al­ready hear some of you mak­ing joke: “Might as well, some ah dem politi­cian does talk so much shate!” But ah had to chuckle when ah hear said min­is­ter in­struct­ing de public about garbage in de city af­ter de week­end rains. Maybe it was a ad­ver­tise­ment for a soon to ap­pear garbage col­lec­tion ser­vice! What you think?


And talk­ing about rain. Ah hear Kalash had dem women drenched from here to there dur­ing his stage per­for­mance last week­end. Boy ah never knew Looshan women coulda speak so much French . Pa­tois yes but . . . any­way. All evening is one song a cer­tain lady keep singing: “Voulez vous coucher avec moi c’est soir?” One time she haul out her bra and panty and fling dem on stage like Kalash is Tom Jones. Awa doh. Dey kick de woman gar­ments off the stage so fast is like dey was wor­ried her un­der­wear might be har­bor­ing killer viruses or some­thing. Some­body say oh shate!


Talk­ing about panty and bra, any of Biky B peeps got a chance to see dem Miss Uni­verse con­tes­tants in lin­gerie on Face­book? Boy ah tell you, peo­ple gave dat a beat­ing af­ter de or­ga­niz­ers post dem pics ask­ing per­sons to vote for Miss Pho­to­genic. From where Biky B was sit­ting ah did not see anyt­ing pho­to­genic about dem pics. Ah never see so much blows rain down on a pho­tog­ra­pher or an or­ga­nizer. Talk about back­lash. Biky hear dat de in­ter­na­tional Miss Uni­verse peo­ple ask dem to take down de pics, fass-fass-fass. Ah waitin’ to see how de blame game gon go. Stay tuned! And with dat ah gone. Re­mem­ber peo­ple it’s de penul­ti­mate carnival week­end and a lot gonna be hap­pen­ing. What­ever you do, stay safe and take re­spon­si­bil­ity for your ac­tions. Biky gon be some­where watch­ing. And peeps like ah said dats where ah go be this week­end un­til last lap, tak­ing in all de jam­ming, jump­ing and wav­ing and of course de be­hind de scenes roro too. So if you want more bac­cha­nal be sure to get your own copy of de 2Nite mag­a­zine in de STAR each week­end.

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