Good day to mi fans and fol­low­ers. Hope you had a great week and did not get caught up in all dat Sara­hah hype. But you know me, ah doh re­ally mix up in dem tings, Biky B like to go straight to de source for all de lat­est beans. So go on and en­joy.

The Star (St. Lucia) - Life Begins 2 Nite - - NEWS - By Biky B

CRUIS­ING: So for­get about Sara­hah; dis singer dat work­ing on a cruise ship de­cide to send her ex a dis­creet What­app mes­sage about how she miss­ing him and ting. She say dat when­ever she in port dey can get to­gether. And she tell de man dat she doh mind he get him­self a new girl­friend. Well, Biky B hear de man woman read de mes­sage and her re­ply was real nasty. She even threaten to grab her by her weave when de boat ar­rive. Well boy ah hear de last time de ship come in de cruise ship chick eh even disem­bark. Well, well, well.

CLOTHES DEAL: One irate woman on Face­book did not need any Sara­hah to put dis Looshan dude in New York on blast for not filling her or­der of clothes. De woman claim de man pick up her or­der months ago, even doh he was asked not to, and up to now he cyar hand over de goods. De woman ac­cuse him of giv­ing her tings to a next woman and is a whole heap of tings go­ing on back and forth on so­cial me­dia. De last ting ah hear, peo­ple try­ing to make amends wid talk of de­por­ta­tion all over de place. Ah guess dat has be­come ev­ery­body’s fa­vorite trump card? (Trump card, you catch it?)

FISHY GUY: So it would seem like a man­hunt and po­lice hunt is fi­nally un­der­way for a no­to­ri­ous con man. It’s been a few years now dat de man all over de is­land giv­ing peo­ple some story about fish he im­port dat he need to clear but miss­ing money; or de boat run out of fuel, so he need to bor­row money for gas. De man even telling peo­ple his wife work­ing at some Ad­ven­tist store and dey can go there and col­lect their money. But dat too was a damn lie. And as fast as you hand him de money he dis­ap­pear. Well now af­ter many re­ports de po-po on de hunt. But Biky B fear what some peo­ple go do da man if they ketch him be­fore de cops.

Mama Woy: Talk­ing about de po­lice, I eh know how some peo­ple could be so bold­face. You mean to tell me you leave de man and you ask him for some of de fur­ni­ture when you were leav­ing so he give you. But two days later you go back in de house with de key you still had, when de man was at work, and you clean out de gro­ceries in de fridge and cup­board. De man ask if is you and you deny it, even doh de neigh­bours see you. Now de man get po­lice in­volved you telling ev­ery­body de man want you to take jail for a lit­tle gro­ceries and he want you to lose your job in de school. Eh ben bon! Any­way folks dat’s all my space. But doh worry dere’s al­ways next week. Be sure to get your STAR early. Oh, an have a safe week­end, peeps!

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