The Star (St. Lucia) - Life Begins 2 Nite - - NEWS - By Biky B

So how was your Eman­ci­pa­tion week­end, my peeps. Well like Mys­te­rio say it was more fet­ing and still more vaval in de com­mu­ni­ties. De last time ah check Loosha had more car­ni­vals and pageants dan even Trin­bago wee! And dey say tings ruff!


So ah hear one girl put a wrestling move on an­other one at Wet Fete. De way dey tell me, de vig­i­lante kicker ’s boyfriend is a soca artiste. She tell her friends dis young girl rolling on her man and she wanted to teach her a les­son. Well boy ah hear out of no where dat drop kick pass and de young girl eh know what hit her as she lie dere wid ever ything spin­ning around her. Ah hear dat was only de first round though. Biky just hope dey have tick­ets to de re­match!


Ah doh know if to blame it on de rain or de rum at dat colour­ful fete last week­end but way maysyia look fights ee! I mean peo­ple even fight­ing for rum! One girl who al­ways up in de place in de lat­est fash­ion get busted for tak­ing a bot­tle of Ciroc from some­body cooler. When two other girls rush her de wot­less boyfriend she take de Ciroc for come to her res­cue. Or maybe is de Ciroc he res­cue. Well, well, well.


So this cougar dat liv­ing in de Bev­erly Hills of Saint Lu­cia just cyar un­der­stand why dis young buck doh wanna leave his woman for her. De woman say she buy de man all kinda ex­pen­sive ting from all de way in Dubai, she pam­per­ing him and giv­ing him ever ything any­way he want it. Still de man just eh want to stick with her. But what re­ally break her heart last week is when she hear de man woman go down on bended knee in front of him in a restau­rant and pro­pose. Like Vaughan did say, boy, kweez take de cougar. Dem Bea­tles was right: money cyar buy you love!


Boy it seem like a cer­tain brand man­ager based here but he get­ting a whole lotta for­eign from de ladies. De man seem to be on a roll flash­ing his spon­sor­ship money and is like he bring­ing all de hon­eys to his hive. Ah hear dis one girl from de higher ech­e­lons have de hots for de man even though she en­gaged. De way Biky B hear it de fi­ancé now have brand man on tracker alert and say any wrong move he go deal with him. Stay tuned!

That’s my space, ah go check all you on de re­bound next week. Stay cool in de heat and dry when it rains, but doh leave dem beans out to get wet oth­er­wise you know me huh! Un­til then have a safe week­end peeps!

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