The Star (St. Lucia) - Life Begins 2 Nite - - WHAT'S INSIDE - By Biky B

Any­way folks, dats ma space and time ah have to run. Like ah said be­fore plenty ac­tion around de place boy. So I in dat for sure. What­ever you do, be nice and stay safe and ah go ketch all you next week so be sure to pick up your copy of de 2nite Mag­a­zine early. Okay! Ah gone!

Good day peeps, how all you do­ing? Well all I can say is Loosha is de land of fete for sure, from de vaval and now CPL and Mer­cury Beach: nuff ac­tion ah tell you. And dey say tings ruff ?

Bowled Over: Ah hear a cer­tain lo­cal fe­male celebrity in de me­dia get ketch on de back­hand re­cently. De way ah hear it, she was all over one a de CPL hon­chos; a lit­tle too close for com­fort, if you know what I mean. Peo­ple swear she must have given de man a small taste of de honey, then one night she showed up unan­nounced at de man ho­tel room. What she didn’t know is de man had just flown in his main squeeze and de un­in­vited end up wid ah whole set of egg all over her face. Ah doh ex­pect to see much of her at de re­main­ing games af­ter dat though!

Insep­a­ra­ble: De way ah see it is like a lo­cal power cou­ple about to mend their bridges. De two had gone deh sep­a­rate ways and peo­ple swear dey were now toss­ing sal­ads and flip­ping burg­ers, if you know what ah mean. At a re­cent func­tion there was a lot of cozy­ing up go­ing on in de room boy. But ah doh know, maybe it had some­thing to do wid de spirit of Saint Lu­cia dat was flow­ing like water on de night!

Val­ley Rocks: A spe­cial source tell Biky B dat it would seem like de whole val­ley un­der scru­tiny by de US and Canada. It seem like some res­i­dents got way too cre­ative when it came to di­ver­si­fy­ing from ba­nanas. So now ah hear dat nuff peo­ple from de area get­ting turned down for U.S. and Cana­dian visas. Some even get­ting the im­mi­gra­tion boot back to where dey come from. Boy ah tell you!

In Bond: So ah hear how this for­mer cus­toms worker who was a real big boss in his times eh feel­ing too good dese days, what with his mar­riage on de rocks. De man wife put him down­stairs in a small apart­ment of de house dey build to­gether while she have de main house to en­ter­tain at will. De ting is he have a lil’ sweet chick on de side who he fi­nanc­ing reg­u­larly even though she have her boyfriend. So now dat de wife get to know about dat ah hear she want to put de man out in de hot sun, even though she been romp­ing else­where her­self. All you tink dat fair?

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