The Star (St. Lucia) - Life Begins 2 Nite - - WHAT'S INSIDE? - By Biky B

On dat note Biky B go leave it here for now. But as usual all you can join me right here in de 2Nite Mag­a­zine again next time, for more beans, more soaps and more scoops, just de

Hello peeps and what’s go­ing on? Boy ah had to take a break to weep for de Saint Lu­cia Stars last week you know! Poor fel­las keep get­ting a beating amidst all of de “shririri.” But doh mind dat ah back this week, with a bouyon pot of hot soup­syon for you. So grab your spoon and get ready to dig in.

Tight Tithes: I eh ly­ing boy, but some churches giv­ing Chris­tian­ity a real bad name. And a lo­cal church or­ga­ni­za­tion is mak­ing de news for all de wrong rea­sons. Imag­ine de par­tic­u­lar church dats in charge of a school, mak­ing manda­tory de­duc­tions from staff salary for tithing – you know ten per­cent of an al­ready mea­gre salary goes back to de church. Ah hear some say dey did not know about anyt­ing about dat be­fore they were em­ployed and have been com­plain­ing but awa. Ah hear de church now mak­ing veiled threats, is ei­ther take it so or go, even though de labour de­part­ment say de prac­tice is il­le­gal. So what­ever hap­pened to God lov­ing a cheer­ful giver? Hmm ah tell you!

Ex­tra Ex­tra: So this young girl who lives in the north with her boyfriend re­cently agreed to al­low de man cousin from down south to come live with dem. De man say since she preg­nant de cousin could help her out around de house while he is at work. Ah hear dat re­cently de girl­friend had a doc­tor’s ap­point­ment dat was can­celled and came back home only to find her boyfriend in bed with de cousin. Is only af­ter she kick up a storm and call de man rel­a­tives to give dem de story, dat she find out dat de girl eh de man cousin but his ex. Eh ben bon!

Night Flight: So this hot shot busi­ness­man who is mar­ried flew a girl in from for­eign to cel­e­brate her birth­day in Saint Lu­cia with him. From de on­set Biky B hear de woman make it clear dat even though dey been friends for a while and dat she once had a thing for him dat she eh on dat again since he is mar­ried and she has a boyfriend. But when de girl get here de man took her to de ho­tel room where he still tried to get a piece of de ac­tion. When de girl refuse, ah hear he say he not pay­ing de ho­tel for more dan one night even though he had booked it for a week­end. Boy ah hear with de few dol­lars de girl had she was barely able to scrape up to pay for two

more nights be­fore fly­ing back home in dis­gust.

Re­voked: So ru­mour has it, and I am not re­fer­ring to de kind from de mar­ket, that a cer­tain Pepto Bis­mol look-a-like will soon be thrown out of de-party. Now ah know dat will be a bit­ter yel­low pill to swal­low for some, but de way de Face­book so­cialite have been be­hav­ing lately, some say dat im­age eh a good look for de party. But Biky B hear she still have some male fans on de in­side who look­ing now to fit her in a cozy lit­tle corner where she can sit qui­etly while suck­ing on her thumb. Tanto, tanto!

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