The Star (St. Lucia) - - LOCAL - By Michael Walker

Anew in­ter-ac­tive se­ries of pro­grammes from IETV to en­gen­der pride in our na­tion by pro­mot­ing lit­er­acy and lo­cal gen­eral knowl­edge. The se­ries can be viewed on chan­nels 118 (FLOW), 102 (Karib ana­logue), 32 (LIME) and on NTN.

1. This is an aerial view of the

a. eastern slope of the Barre de l’Isle.

b. west­ern slope of the Barre de l’Isle

c. sum­mit of the Barre de l’Isle.

2. The height of the first bend is

a. 1,545 feet above the sea.

b. 2,545 feet above the sea.

c. 545 feet above the sea.

3. Ini­tially the road runs from

a. east to west.

b. west to east.

c. north to south.

4. Roads that sharply turn back on them­selves are called

a. wig­gly curves.

b. safety pins. c. hair­pin bends.

5. This road runs down­hill to

a. Bexon.

b. Thomazo.

c. Grande Ravine.

6. The com­mu­nity at the top of the scene is part of

a. Thomazo.

b. Grande Riv­iere.

c. Den­nery.

7. The traf­fic is

a. quite light.

b. con­gested.

c. quite heavy.

8. V___V___V in­di­cates

a. tele­phone lines.

b. elec­tric power lines.

c. wa­ter pipes.

9. The sum­mit of the Barre de l’Isle is

a. on the same level as this part of the road.

b. above this part of the road.

c. far be­low this part of the road.

10. The three build­ings to the left of the lower bend prob­a­bly lack

a. Luc­elec power.

b. So­lar power.

c. Wind en­ergy.

a. 10 b, 9 b, 8 a, 7 a, 6 c, 5 c, 4 c, 3 c, 2 a, 1 An­swers:

Barre de l’Isle.

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