Holy Black Or Not, A Ket­tle Is A Ket­tle Is A Ket­tle!

The Star (St. Lucia) - - COMMENT - By Ten­nyson Joseph

Any­one who con­tin­ues to doubt the qual­ity and the up­right­ness of the lead­er­ship of the Saint Lucia Labour Party might want to re­flect on what is hap­pen­ing in other par­ties in the Caribbean that have re­cently found them­selves in op­po­si­tion. I am here from the is­land of Bar­ba­dos which just had a gen­eral elec­tion in May which saw the de­feat of the Demo­cratic Labour Party which had been in gov­ern­ment for two terms since 2008. Less than two months af­ter the change of gov­ern­ment in Bar­ba­dos a for­mer min­is­ter who was the min­is­ter of com­merce in the last gov­ern­ment was ar­rested in the USA on charges of money laun­der­ing and is now be­ing tried in the US court.

The same can be said of the UNC of Trinidad and Tobago with the Jack Warner-FIFA scan­dal with for­mer min­is­ter Warner pay­ing ex­tra­di­tion to a U.S. court. All over the Caribbean and in Saint Lucia it­self, there have been cred­i­ble re­ports of par­lia­men­tar­i­ans who have had their U.S. visas re­voked. All over the Caribbean we have been re­ceiv­ing re­ports of min­is­ters be­ing fired from their cab­i­nets for rea­sons of cor­rup­tion and im­pro­pri­ety. In Saint Lucia, just a few months af­ter the UWP was elected into of­fice, a min­is­ter for agri­cul­ture from Den­nery North, whose name no one cares to re­mem­ber, was hastily dis­missed from the cab­i­net leav­ing all of us to spec­u­late about the rea­sons.

Just af­ter one year af­ter the UWP was elected to of­fice all the lit­tle sons and daugh­ters of Saint Lucia were see­ing pic­tures on their cell phones of a min­is­ter in the min­istry of fi­nance, Ubal­dus Ray­mond, with a red rooster in his hands like a man go­ing to a cock fight. Who can for­get the last cab­i­net of John Comp­ton and Stephen­son King who gave us a man con­victed of Grand Theft Auto in the USA as a can­di­date and who gave us scan­dal af­ter scan­dal from Tuxedo Vil­las gate to Tai­wan gate to red en­ve­lope gate and Tom Chou gate?

It is a glow­ing state­ment on the qual­ity and the up­right­ness of the lead­er­ship of the Saint Lucia Labour Party that more than two years af­ter los­ing the 2016 gen­eral elec­tion and af­ter be­ing in of­fice from 1997 to 2006 there has not been one cred­i­ble or real in­stance of one of its min­is­ters be­ing in trou­ble with global or lo­cal author­i­ties for acts of cor­rup­tion and you have al­ready clapped for that.

And yet de­spite be­ing the best and only party in the past 20 years which has shown the abil­ity and will­ing­ness to gov­ern in the best in­ter­est of Saint Lucia as a whole, we find our­selves in a sit­u­a­tion where the best and most pre­pared group of men and women have been put out of of­fice in ex­change for the worst and least pre­pared group of men for pub­lic of­fice since in­de­pen­dence. We have lived to wit­ness the best prime min­is­ter so far, Kenny D An­thony, be­ing cast aside for an un­known quan­tity, a djab en sac, a po­lit­i­cal mis­fit, a 'give me a try' prime min­is­ter, some­one so so­cially and cul­tur­ally alien to the soul of the peo­ple of Saint Lucia, an op­por­tunis­tic pre­tender, a tech flow Allen Chas­tanet.

(From ad­dress de­liv­ered at SLP’s most re­cent con­ven­tion in La­borie)

UWI's Dr. Ten­nyson Joseph ad­dress­ing the SLP's most re­cent Con­fer­ence of Del­e­gates.

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