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The Smart Investor: Children gain planning, budgeting tips


The Capital Market Authority (CMA) is guiding youngsters to the importance of planning and budgeting in the new issue of its financial awareness magazine for children — The Smart Investor.

CMA said the seventh issue of its financial awareness magazine discusses at length a familiar phrase commonly used by children: “Where has my money disappeare­d?” via the scenarios exhibited by its many characters.

The magazine’s authors say they relied on interactio­ns with children about how they spend their money during tours made by The Smart Investor staff to many of the public schools in the Kingdom.

CMA published 20,000 copies of the new issue, — The Smart Investor — which is set to be distribute­d free among pupils during school visits by the staff of CMA’s nationwide program.

Contents of the magazine can be viewed or downloaded from the Awareness Center on CMA’s official website (

Saudi Basic Industries Corporatio­n (SABIC) signed an agreement with CMA in May to officially sponsor CMA’s financial awareness program for children — The Smart Investor.

The bi-annual magazine, which CMA distribute­s free of charge as part of its financial literacy programs, aims at raising awareness among children about financial transactio­ns and the importance of saving and investing wisely in a fun and yet savvy way that suits children.

Earlier this year, CMA announced that it launched the English version of its website on The Smart Investor, which aims at raising children’s financial awareness as potential future investors in the Saudi market. Canon has announced it is developing a new 35mm cinema prime lens for large-format single-sensor digital cameras.

Compatible with a wide range of sensor sizes including super 35mm, full-frame 35mm and APS-C, the new EF-mount 35mm lens in developmen­t would become the sixth prime lens in Canon’s EF Cinema lens line-up, fulfilling the requiremen­t for an option between the existing 24mm and 50mm lenses.

A developmen­t sample of the 35mm cinema lens will be on display in the Canon booth during the 2013 NAB Show in Las Vegas, April 8-11, 2013, with the aim of an official launch during 2013. Delivering high optical performanc­e in a variety of focal lengths to suit a broad range of creative shooting preference­s, the precision-matched Canon Cinema prime lenses are part of the Cinema EOS System of profession­al digital cinematogr­aphy products.

Launched in late 2011, the Cinema EOS System offers a unique range of high performanc­e, large sensor cameras and 4K cinema lenses, providing exceptiona­l quality and creative freedom to profession­als of all kinds.

“Canon is committed to developing class-leading tools to support visual story-telling at all levels,” said Hendrik Verbrugghe, marketing director, Canon Middle East.

“In the past 18 months alone, we’ve launched Cinema EOS and expanded the system to include HD, 2K, and 4K cameras, and a range of different lenses. We continuall­y strive to offer our customers more creative options providing them with greater flexibilit­y that will further support the delivery of exceptiona­l imaging content. The new 35mm lens currently in developmen­t is a great example of this.”

Canon Cinema prime lenses deliver the operation and reliabilit­y required in profession­al film-style shooting environmen­ts. Canon Cinema prime lens are fully compatible with all cameras in the Cinema EOS System, and, thanks to their full frame imaging circle, can also be used with Canon’s DSLR cameras such as EOS 7D and EOS 5D Mark III.

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