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Savola Group among top 100 companies in Middle East


Savola Group, a strategic investment holding group in the food and retail sectors across the MENA region, continues to reinforce its position among the top 100 companies in the Middle East for the year 2021, according to Forbes Middle East magazine. The group has been ranked 36th in the Middle East, based on its market value, sales, assets and profits.

Waleed Fatani, Savola Group’s CEO, said: “Savola Group overcame the challenges of the year 2020 during the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic and succeeded in transformi­ng these obstacles into opportunit­ies for growth.

This transforma­tion paved the way for us to safely overcome the difficulti­es and to map a clear path for what lies ahead, which enabled Savola Group to continue its progress and to achieve further successes. This was reflected in the positive results announced during the year.”

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