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Dukanoo is a pie concept restaurant in Jeddah. It converts many familiar Saudi and Mediterran­ean mains and desserts into pies with a special twist.

It also offers signature pies that are perfect for breakfast or a midday snack, with traditiona­l dishes such as ful medames pie and falafel.

There is the Saudiinspi­red “Aish aboullaham,” a beef pie with tahini, which is highly recommende­d, and the traditiona­l Saudi sweet dish known as “masoob.”

One of the most exquisite traditiona­l orders is the liver pie, presented with a special hot sauce and crispy onions that give it an amazing taste.

When it comes to dessert, za’atar and crunchy chocolate are among the most delicious combinatio­ns.

The restaurant’s cold beverages are inspired by refreshing oriental flavors. For example, there is one that combines roselle and mint and Arabian orange with a sharp cardamom flavor.

For more informatio­n visit the Instagram account @dukanoo

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