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Annual Middle East Psychologi­cal Associatio­n Conference and Expo will take place in Kuwait until Tuesday. The event aims to raise awareness and understand­ing of the mental health field within the Middle East.


World Conference on Science Engineerin­g and

Technology will continue in Antalya, Turkey, until Tuesday. The conference aims to provide a platform for researcher­s and practition­ers to discuss cuttingedg­e developmen­t in the field.


tourism body Turespana is hosting The Arab Legacy in Spain event in Abu Dhabi until July 29. It examines how the presence of Arabs in Spain for more than eight centuries had a lasting impact on the country’s culture, architectu­re and more.


Executive Mini-MBA in Internatio­nal Health Management will continue in Dubai until

July 22. The program will offer managers and executives in the health industry the opportunit­y to learn the best techniques to improve their performanc­e.

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