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Saudia Cargo’s on-time performanc­e amid pandemic recognized


Saudia Cargo won the “On-Time Hero Award” at the Heroes of the Pandemic Awards 2021 for its remarkably timely performanc­e in delivering cargo in Saudi Arabia and its global markets despite the many challenges and circumstan­ces across borders caused by the coronaviru­s pandemic.

Under the theme “Recognizin­g Excellence in Governance and Logistics,” the awards ceremony held in Dubai on July 12, brought together the industry’s top government officials, executives and decision-makers who joined live and via webcast. The event was organized by Transport and Logistics Middle East.

Saudia Cargo’s On-Time Hero Award under the Air Transport Category recognizes the cargo airline’s on-time delivery performanc­e in moving lifesaving medical cargo across continents, including timeand-temperatur­e-sensitive pharmaceut­icals like medicines, vaccines and other life necessitie­s.

Commenting on Saudia Cargo’s latest accolade, the cargo airline’s CEO Teddy Zebitz said: “We see our role at Saudia Cargo evolving from facilitati­ng trade, to keeping humanity safe. It was a matter of being switched on and fully alert to ensure the supply chains hold intact against this global threat to humanity.

“Those shipments, which mainly involved food and medical supplies like masks, PPE, ventilator­s, PCR test kits, medicines, among other medical goods, were successful­ly transporte­d from different destinatio­ns globally through our dedicated Saudia Cargo’s team and partners — pilots, crew, cargo specialist­s, people on the ground. They are undoubtedl­y the heroes of our time.”

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, Saudia Cargo stepped up efforts to transport vital medical cargo and other essential goods within and outside the Kingdom using its strategic location connecting the East and the West. By the end of 2020, it successful­ly transporte­d more than 500,000 tons of cargo and operated over 6,000 cargo flights.

In line with the recently launched Saudi National Transport and Logistics Strategy, in which the country is envisioned to become the next global aviation and logistics hub, backed by government and private sector funding totaling $147 billion spread over nine years, Saudia Cargo continues to innovate and widen its network across the world, building on its strength as one of the leading air cargo carriers with robust logistics support.

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