Timeless Children Literature

- by C.S. Lewis


In this first volume of The Chronicles of Narnia, siblings Susan, Peter, Lucy and Edmund stumble upon a wardrobe in the country house they are staying with Professor Digory Kirk that takes them to the magical land of Narnia. Lucy, the first sibling to stumble into Narnia, meets a seemingly sweet faun by the name of Mr. Tumnus who invites her to his home for afternoon tea. When all of the children arrive in Narnia together, they walk right into a massive conflict and the regal king of Narnia, Aslan, a huge lion with a heart of gold and courage running through his veins, steps in to help them. King Aslan must save the land of Narnia from the evil grip of the White Witch who has ruled the land for 100 years by keeping it suspended permanentl­y in winter. In order to take back Narnia and restore it to its once glorious state, he needs the help of the children who are most compassion­ate and eager to be of service. That is, all of them except for Edmund, who happens to turn traitor and stands by the side of the White Witch. Once

he realizes that he is being used, he tries to set things right but cannot as he is now a prisoner of the menacing witch. The battles of wits and courage come thick and fast

. Afterwards, with the decisive defeat of the dark side, the siblings are crowned rulers of Narnia. Years later, while pursuing a White Stag, they pass through the wardrobe, returning to their own world at about the same time they had originally left. Although they had grown to maturity while in Narnia, they return to being children again when they arrive home.



The first of a trilogy focusing on Caspian, Prince Caspian is getting ready to fight for his crown and receives the assistance of Lucy, Susan, Peter and Edmund to help him overthrow the false king who is trying to dethrone him. It all begins with the children being transporte­d to Narnia from a train station in England to an island in Narnia. It has been just a year since the children were last in Narnia, but the time in Narnia works differentl­y from that in the real world. When they return this time, a hundred years had actually passed. Everything seems different and nothing seems the same. The children are very surprised to learn that trouble is brewing again in the land they left in such a peaceful state. The magical land is now under the iron rule of the Wicked King Miraz, Prince Caspian’s evil uncle. The Wicked King had managed to kill his brother in order to usurp the crown and force Prince Caspian out of the picture. Now the children, the faun army, the spirits of the woodland and King Aslan must help the true heir, Prince Caspian, regain the throne and return Narnia to its previous splendour.

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